The gross reason you need to wash your bed sheets every week in the winter – especially if you don't want to get ill | The Sun

HOW often do you wash your sheets?Every other day, every third day, weekly, fortnightly, monthly?

Well, one sleep expert has revealed why every seven days is the perfect time to leave it between washing your bedding.

Somewhat surprisingly, doing so could be the answer to help get rid of your stuffy nose.

And with searches for ‘how to get rid of a blocked nose’ up by 263 per cent this month, you might want to give the weekly washing a try.

"Though it may seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised at how many people don’t change their sheets on a weekly basis!" Dr. Hana Patel, resident sleep expert at Time4Sleep, explained.

"Sleeping in sheets that are covered in dust and dead skin cells will only irritate your nasal pathways further, especially if you’re particularly prone to allergies."

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You also need to keep on top of cleaning the rest of your house too.

“Staying on top of cleaning in other areas of the house will also help get rid of any pollen or other allergens you may be bringing into the house which could make your blocked nose worse.”

There some other factors to keep in mind as well, to help yourself get a good night's sleep if you're feeling poorly.

"Try to maintain a comfortable temperature," the experts wrote on the Time4Sleep website.

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"Being too hot or too cold will affect your sleep and if you have a fever this is maximised.

"Keeping a fan handy could prevent you from overheating.

"Likewise if you’re shivery, keep warm with a nice blanket and a hot water bottle."

Sleep specialists also recommend lavender to help yourself stay calm and relaxed.

And keep a drink and tablets to hand on your bedside table to relieve any pain or cold symptoms.

It's also a good idea to prop yourself up with cushions in bed, as laying down can increase the pressure in the veins in your nose.

Dr Ron Eccles, Director of the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University, told Web MD that the pressure build up is what causes you to feel more congested when laying down than you are when standing up.

Steam can also help ease the congestion, so try a hot, steamy shower or try a nice hot drink before bed.

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