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THEY say a picture is worth a thousand words – and that adage couldn’t be truer of the shot of the Beckhams arriving at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding.

Victoria, dressed in demure dark navy, gives the camera a steely starewhile David forces a tight-lipped smile.

At the time, it appeared the pair were just being their professional, A-list selves, but it turns out that this image now tells a very different story. 

Over the past month, it has emerged that the Beckhams and Sussexes have had an almighty falling out. 

Now, a host of experts believe that cracks were evident in their friendship as far back as the royal wedding in 2018.  

Body language expert Judi James told Fabulous that this candid shot of the Beckhams arriving at Windsor Castle shows that tensions between the two power couples were rife.

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She said: “Victoria isn’t known for her wide grins or relaxed poses but, even by her fashionista standards, her body language here seemed to lack any hints of the sort of inner sparkle that you expect at a wedding (and which she displayed at William and Kate’s wedding, despite being heavily pregnant).

“Her expression looks wary, with no subtle signals to suggest she’s excited or delighted for the happy couple. 

“Her dark navy outfit looks stylish but also severe and it’s not adding anything to create a celebratory mood.”

Perhaps Victoria’s choice of dress colour was deliberate, with colour psychology claiming that navy shades are “serious, professional and non attention-seeking, which also represents trust and stability.”

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She opted for one of her own designs, which costs £1,495 to buy, and said of her choice: “[I] wanted to wear something that felt feminine, and appropriate, but that also had a bit of an edge to it.”

Judi added that while David’s smile looked “forced” and “determined to appear polite”, his “lips are clamped”.

And inside the chapel, the couple appeared “slumped forwards”, rather than sitting back to “preen and be seen at the biggest social event of the year.”

Prince Harry had grown close to David after seeing him at various celebrity and charity functions over the years – such as the 2015 UNICEF charity football match organised by Becks.

It was reported that David and Victoria were “generous” to Meghan when she first moved to Kensington Palace in 2017. 

Tom Bower, royal author, told The Sun: “Unknown to the public, when she [Meghan] privately returned to Los Angeles before her marriage, she stayed in the Beckhams’ six-bedroom luxurious house in Beverly Hills.

“To build their relationship, Victoria had also given Meghan make-up advice soon after she moved into Kensington Palace.”

However, despite any kindness, Meghan was left “outraged” after Victoria’s help was reported in the press, with the former Spice Girl denying she had leaked any information.

And then came the royal wedding. Tom believes the Beckhams looked sour-faced after being snubbed from the wedding afterparty. 

He added: “TV pictures of the couple arriving at St George’s Chapel for the Sussexes’ wedding showed Victoria stoney faced and David chewing gum.

“They had not been invited to the wedding dinner. A near-unforgivable insult considering all the Hollywood stars invited — and many were not friends.”

Stars who did make the cut include chat show star James Corden, who was compere for the night, Serena Williams, George Clooney and Idris Elba.

During 2019, as the Sussexes' dissatisfaction with royal life increased and the first steps to Megxit were manifested in bitter allegations and arguments with the Cambridges, the Beckhams preferred not to take sides.

David has a close relationship with Prince William, with the footballer chatting to the future King in the royal box at Euro 2020 – and they’ve previously teamed up to spread awareness of mental health issues.

Royal expert Angela Levin told Fabulous that there is little hope of a rekindling of the Beckham Sussex friendship.

She said: "I don’t think they will reconcile. The Beckhams don’t need them and I am sure it wouldn’t please Prince William who after all is heir to the throne.

“Meghan is renowned as dropping people when they are no longer of any use, and Harry does what Meghan tells him to."

Angela claimed that although Meghan keeps a group of girlfriends around her, Harry is “quite lonely.”

Victoria and David aren’t the only A-listers to fall out of favour with Meghan and Prince Harry.

Meghan met former best friend Jessica Mulroney in Toronto while filming US legal drama Suits.

But she distanced herself from her after she was exposed by Canadian influencer and blogger Sasha Exeter for using her “wealth and privilege” to attempt to shut her up in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Royal expert Ingrid Seward told Fabulous: “Harry and Meghan have a history of ghosting people who have displeased them in some form or other.

“They appear to want their high profile friends like the Beckhams to belong exclusively to them and are not prepared to share them.”

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