The secret signs your bloke’s a cheat & why ‘peacocking’ is the biggest tell of all

GOT a niggling doubt that your bloke is up to no good? Well according to our body language expert you should trust your gut.

“If you think he’s cheating then he probably is,” explains Judi James.

“Why? Well your brilliant brain will always pick up on a number of body language tells, clues and cues that are so subtle you’ll be ‘sensing’ there’s something wrong well before you get any hard facts.

“He might even smell different as his body releases a new variety of pheromones.

“If you’re naturally paranoid that subliminal sense might be faulty, but if you’re normally
quite trusting and upbeat then go with your eyes and your nose every time.”

Here Judi shares the top six secret signs that your man is playing away…


When a guy is in a new relationship he will tend to use more vanity rituals like mirror-gazing and preening.

He will often be seen walking more upright and splaying or puffing his chest as well as upping his grooming rituals or spending more time down the gym.


New relationships also involve intense mimicry too, especially if he’s in love/lust with this other person, meaning he will be picking up new gestural traits and facial expressions as well as copying their way of speaking and even their taste in music and fashion.

Is he updating his wardrobe and his body language? Have you seen any different gestures or way of speaking? And is he shopping alone rather than asking for your opinions?

Buying his own pants for the first time is one of the most common ‘tells’ of an affair that women will pick up on.


Don’t always expect guilt signals from a cheater.

The ego finds it much easier to turn self-guilt into blame and anger, trying to make it your fault he’s cheating.

Bursts of irritation or argumentativeness are common behaviours of a cheat, along with arm-folding barrier rituals or hands on the hips to signal a sulky form of challenge and defiance.


The smart phone is the key tool of the cheat which will make him super-sensitive, watchful and jumpy when anyone else gets near it, especially you.

Checking it regularly, constant texting, snatching it away when you pick it up, and walking out the room to take calls are all common symptoms of an affair, but it will be the discovery of that secret second phone that probably nails it.


It’s not true that a cheating guy will go off sex with his wife as his libido will often have been put into over-drive by the new sex he’s having with his lover.

Oddly though he will often feel that any kissing and loving foreplay with you will be like cheating on that lover so urgent, speedy sex is more likely to be on the menu.


Remember how much eye-to-eye gazing you did in the early days of dating?

That’s because deep, prolonged eye contact helps us delve into one another’s emotional depths.

Which is exactly why a cheat will avoid eye contact like the plague. He’s scared you’ll read his mind if you get to gaze into his eyes.

If you move in to cuddle or hug he’ll be looking down or away.


Cheating means lying to both partners, plus some constant avoidance of being caught out via phones or social media.

With so many trackable devices in use, cheats are under incredible pressure to cover their trails, which means increased stress and pressure signals that are visible in their body language.

Cues to look for include: accelerated blink rates; shallow breathing; increased use of comfort signals like foot-tapping, leg-juddering or fidgeting; eye-dart, and sudden emotional outbursts that can range from tears to anger.

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