These Insulated Fleece Gloves Are Quickly Climbing Amazon’s Best-Seller Charts Thanks to One Secret Feature

Touchscreen gloves are often thin and lightweight, offering minimal protection from the cold. This begs the question: Do you have to choose between having warm hands and being able to use your phone? As it turns out, you don't. Amazon shoppers have discovered a thick, well-insulated pair of gloves that'll keep your hands toasty as you tap and swipe to your heart's content.

You would probably never guess that the Koxly Winter Gloves are compatible with touchscreens just by glancing at them. Made with polar fleece and insulated cotton, the gloves are much more padded than other tech-friendly models on the market. But take a closer look, and you'll notice that each glove has three touchscreen-friendly fingertips. This hidden feature works wonderfully, according to reviewers, who say they can text, take pictures, browse the web, and make calls while wearing the gloves. As one reviewer writes, "Now I can get on my phone while I'm outside without freezing my fingers off."

Buy It! Koxly Winter Gloves, $9.99–$17.99;

The thermal gloves are also wind- and water-resistant, and they have elastic knitted cuffs to keep out cold air. They're available in black, dark gray, and light gray and sizes ranging from S to XL.

The unisex gloves are rapidly climbing Amazon's best-seller charts and are currently ranking in the men's and women's cold weather gloves categories. Hundreds of perfect ratings affirm how great the gloves are for skiing, shoveling snow, and walking in extremely cool climates.

"My hands are always freezing in the winter, and I wear heavy wool mittens most of the time because gloves don't keep my fingers warm — except these gloves actually do!" a reviewer living in Pennsylvania wrote. "I went out for an hour-long walk on a cold, windy day in early December, and for once my hands were not frozen or even cold. Hallelujah!"

"The fit is perfect, which is rare for people like me with small hands. The interior is lined with incredibly comfortable material, plus the gloves have a velcro strap to ensure the interior is sealed from the cold," another reviewer added.

If you're looking for affordable winter gloves that'll let you keep up with all your notifications, the Koxy Winter Gloves fit the bill. Shop them for $18 on Amazon today.

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