Unbelievable! Sophie Wessexs hideous £591 Jimmy Choo shoes are critiqued by fans

Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex at Cyprus Presidential Palace

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex is a style icon in her own right, however has made some fashion mishaps every now and then. Recently on a royal tour to Cyprus, the Countess packed her Jimmy Choo Dovina 100 Metallic Leather Espadrille Sandals, which she has worn many times before.

The £591 shoes have metallic leather straps, with a platform wedge that measures four inches.

These shoes are quite controversial among Sophie’s fans, many of whom do not seem to like the footwear.

After the Countess most recently wore the shoes in June, royal fans took to social media to express their dislike towards the espadrilles.

Instagram user @sophiejulie01 said: “I feel like a more formal pair of shoes would fit more to this event.

“But the dress is lovely.”

One account, @whatthelibrarianreads, was much more vocal in their disdain for the shoes, writing: “Someone burn those shoes. Please!”

Royal watcher @nelsonvolini added: “For me, it’s almost always the shoes with her style misses.”

Instagram user @bluefood_obsess wrote: “Sophie dear, I love you but those shoes have to go.”

Royal fan @becerralucy89 commented: “Those shoes ruin the dress!”

Account @thehermitishere added: “Take those shoes away from her, please!”

Social media user @leadobos said: “THOSE sandals again… why?”

Instagram account @rachelhlhannam wrote: “She’s wearing those hideous shoes again!

“Shame as Sophie normally looks lovely.

“The dress itself is lovely.”

Royal watcher @birdnerd327 said: “These shoes need to go in the bin!”

Social media user @lavale2312 commented: “I don’t like the shoes, too informal for this kind of occasion.

“They are more suitable for the beach.”

Royal fan @silvana.cst wrote: “They are not shoes but slippers.

“They make her look like a desperate and neglected housewife at the supermarket.”

One Instagram user @ju_1790 said: “Why is she always wearing those awful shoes someone please tell me! Unbelievable.”

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