‘Ungrateful' mum-to-be labels cousin’s homemade baby shower gift ‘tacky’ & demands $100 voucher instead

WHEN you tot up the cost of hen dos, wedding gifts and baby shower presents, you can easily end up spending thousands celebrating other people's milestones.

So in an attempt to save some pennies, one woman decided she'd give her cousin a homemade blanket for her baby shower – sounds nice, right?

Well unfortunately for her, the mum-to-be didn't quite agree.

Sharing her dilemma on Reddit's "Am I The A******" forum, the student explained how her cousin had given her guests all a strict gift guide to stick to ahead of the party.

She wrote: "I looked through it and was amazed about how expensive everything was! I understand that baby supplies can be pricey, but the cheapest thing on the registration is a stuffed rabbit costing $25.

"There were a lot of other things I find personally silly and inappropriate to ask for from family, such as nipple cream, new pyjamas (for the mum, not the baby), maternity diapers, etc. "

I got a text back immediately from her saying that I had to pick something from the registry or purchase a gift card from Babies 'r' Us with a minimum amount of $100.

As a student, the woman didn't have a spare $25 to spend on a present and thought a homemade baby blanket would be a safe bet – especially as she'd made one for her first baby.

"Everyone who received a blanket from me always praised the craftmanship and that their children still snuggle with it well into their childhood," she added. "I made a nice blue baby blanket [for her] first child, and whenever I go to visit, he always was carrying it around."

However when she mentioned that she was planning on making a woodland-themed blanket for the new baby, the mum was fuming.

She continued: "I got a text back immediately from her saying that I had to pick something from the registry or purchase a gift card from Babies 'r' Us with a minimum amount of $100.

"I asked if there was an issue with her son's blanket that would warrant her refusal of accepting my gift, and she stated that because it was homemade it looked 'tacky' and it made her look cheap for not having a tag attached to it."

Unsurprisingly, the text hit a nerve for the woman – and she refused to buy anything from the gift list AND retracted her offer of a blanket. Not that we can blame her.

"[My cousin] became upset stating that I was a cheapskate and was depriving her unborn baby of needed supplies," she added. "I pointed out that she still had plenty of toys, books, old clothes, strollers, etc. from her first child that she could still use.

"She went quiet for a few days and then messaged me this morning saying she'll take the blanket. I am still p*****, so I told her 'no', and I will no longer be attending her shower."


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Turning to the forum for advice, the woman then explained how her parents are fully supportive of her decision but the extended family are "flooding her phone" and telling her she's a "bad person".

"That's a baby shower you can skip without guilt. I don't know many people who can drop $100 on a present," one replied. "Rejecting a handmade gift is a jerk move, anyway, especially since her older kid was using the blanket you made."

While others dubbed the mum "ungrateful", another added: "I would love for someone to give me a crochet blanket as a gift for my baby! That's such a thoughtful and wonderful gift."

Meanwhile, a third raged: "Lets list the ways she’s an a*****. She insulted your first gift. She is having a second shower at all (especially if she has stuff from her first kid). It’s not an actual shower (even a zoom event); it’s a gift grab.

"She reminded you to buy her something, not RSVP, not bring napkins or soda, not give a zoom link or directions. Her registry has no reasonable items. (People who do that get bottles or puffy books from me with $10 max budget). She gave a minimum spending limit at all. That limit was ridiculous. She turned you down and then set her family on you."

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