Viewers slam This Morning for ‘patronising’ food budget segment – before ‘tone deaf’ item on £28 nail scissors

THIS Morning viewers slam the show for its "patronising" food budget segment which was followed by a "tone deaf" pricey at-home beauty treatment.

Hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield discussed the free food parcels struggling parents are receiving for their kids in lockdown after it was found to contain just £8.69 worth of items, with chef Phil Vickery offering tips on how to make it "stretch".

People have taken aim at the government incentive as many parents claim the £30 pack, which is supposed to last ten days, is barely enough to cover a coupleand that their kids are left "starving".

While there has been some dispute about the size of the packs, and the number of items included, most are said to contain bread, a tin of beans, carrots, bananas, apples, a couple of spuds, pasta, a tomato and some snacks including single cheese slices and Frubes yoghurts.

This Morning hosts Holly and Phil took a call from a struggling mother on air today, who asked the popular chefhow to make the packs last longer.

The segment aimed to inform parents how they could make the food pack go the distance, with Phil suggesting making it "tasty" with stock cubes and a tin of tomatoes which will bulk up the food.

Phil added that too many families waste money on ready meals which end up being too expensive.

He suggested they instead use that money to buy extra ingredients, such as frozen veg, which can be used to bulk up meals.

While it may have been useful for some who learned how to prepare food on a budget, viewers were shocked to see the next segment demonstrating how to get the "perfect" at-home manicure.

Consisting of £28 nail scissors and over priced polish, the segment got under the skin of many who lashed out on Twitter, with many dubbing it "tone deaf".

"#ThisMorning gets more middle class with every segment. I mean to go from talking about food poverty to £13 nail polishes … talk about tone deaf," one person fumed.

And another agreed saying: "So one minute #ThisMorning are all about the £30 food hampers (rightly so, but with hardly any airtime) and the next breath they’re promoting £28 nail scissors? Out of touch and blind to reality."

One Twitter user even blasted the programme for "patronising people", telling them how to eat for a week with pasta, tinned tomatoes and a stock cube.

While another said: "£28 nail scissors – get off my telly hun you’re winding me right up."

After the furious backlash the government has received about the "unacceptable" food packs, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson this morning announced that parents will be able to use the Free Schools Meals voucher scheme again from Monday and shop for their kids' lunches themselves.

Parents will be able to get £15-worth of vouchers to use at supermarkets or continue to use the food parcels system that the Prime Minister has vowed to improve.

Footballer Marcus Rashford today held a call with Boris Johnson over the"unacceptable" food parcels sent to parents after he slammed the inconsistency of free school meal hampers.

The football ace – who forced the Government into a u-turn on feeding the UK's most vulnerable kids during lockdown – said the PM has also ordered an investigation into the deliveries.

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