We sold our house and bought an entire caravan park so we can live totally mortgage free

THEY decided to sell their house and buy an abandoned caravan park for just £90,000.

And now Emilie and Jon are documenting their renovation of the three-acre property in Gwendraeth Valley in West Wales on their TikTok page as they work to "self build a tiny home and live mortgage free".

But it's going to take an awful lot of work, as the couple showed in a recent video on the social media site.

"We have three acres of completely overgrown grass and woodland, not forgetting some abandoned cars and four derelict caravans too," Jon explained.

Emilie then took the camera and showed what it looked like at the bottom of the land – including the cars and three of the caravans.

"We’re just trying to walk around the back to see the view without falling through the…" Emilie said, just as Jon's leg went through one of the rotten wooden floorboards.

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Inside the caravans was a whole load of rubbish, including clothes airers complete with items still on it, bikes, televisions and radios. 

"Just walking down from the third caravan and this is the view," Emilie said.

"Across here is the green belt which is amazing. It just means that nothing will be built in this view, so we will always have this."

She then walked down the road to the left of the land to the second entrance.

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"You might not be able to see but in here we’ve got another big caravan – a trampoline, an outdoor shower, a shed, another big workshop at the back," she said.

In the comments section on the video, Emilie revealed that "it used to be the old coal miners caravan park where they used to sleep after a shift down the pit.

"Jon’s grandad actually worked there too!"

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People were also quick to offer their suggestions as to what could be salvaged from the caravans and the land.

"The jag has 2 catalytic converters and if genuine worth £400 each," one person wrote.

While another added: "Don’t forget to get the aluminium of the caravans and cut the cat converter of the cars and weigh them in."

"Thank you so much!" Emilie replied.

"Great advice. It’s going to be so exciting when we start clearing."

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Emilie added in another comment that they'd first viewed the land nine months ago, but they only became owners of it last week.

She also revealed they've already got planning in place for their tiny home, which was one of the main reasons they bought it.

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