Weekly horoscope for October 26 – 30: What the stars have in store for every zodiac sign revealed


MAR 21 – APR 20

Chart focus this week falls on your sector of deepest truths and transformation power.

So knowing who you are, and where you need to go next, is 100% in your hands.

Your passion profile walks on the wild side, but with wisdom everyone admires.

So if there’s a choice to make, you’ll ace it. Single Aries can meet a soulmate where special journeys are discussed.

DESTINY DAYS You have the gift of the gab on Monday, and the gift of extra insight on Tuesday. So you’re a force to be reckoned with at work! Turn back time on Friday, in music or food terms.

LUCKY LINKS The friend who loves gardening. A photograph that includes tall trees. Contests in five rounds.

RUNE REVELATIONS Property, wealth, talent and traditions – all these and more can pass through a family, towards you. So says the message of your rune ODAL.

If you’re in love, living for a while at a special family-based address linked to the past can secure the future you truly want.

If you’re single, planning a trip to a place that holds unique history for someone close to you, can introduce you to a potential soulmate.

This rune’s special power is asking for, or granting, second chances.


APR 21 – MAY 21

The sun shines on your co-operation chart all week, before dynamic Mars joins the party.

So how you get things done is unique, but super effective. And if you need to stick up for yourself, you can.

The Jupiter influence in your success sector is mega-bright this week – believing you deserve to be a winner is your key to becoming one.

Love makes a time commitment.

DESTINY DAYS Make Monday count money-wise, really take control. Add your name to a celebration list on Wednesday. Save some Saturday morning time to sample a local exercise initiative.

LUCKY LINKS A beauty brand a friend raves about. Two names that catch your eye in a newspaper. Rock’n’roll music.

RUNE REVELATIONS Rip up the rules and see love from a fresh perspective. Ensuring two partners keep separate friends and interests, and draw a line under past mistakes, are two key tips from your rune, NAUTHIZ.

As a time of expecting a partner to fill every need, can end. If you’re single, this rune urges you to deactivate your emotional shields.

Your soulmate is already so close, in the form of a trusted friend. This is also a rune of surprise benefits linked to a charity project or person.


MAY 22 – JUNE 21

Maybe you feel your hard work is not being properly recognised – the sun encourages you to say so.

And set in motion fairer ways of sharing tasks, and time, between two or more people.

As Mars races fast towards your fitness zone, you’re ready to embrace a new daily health challenge.

Love flows best when you stay calm, and avoid making impulsive demands.

DESTINY DAYS Watch an auction TV show to hatch a brilliant idea on Tuesday. Dates set for Thursday can last till Friday. Sunday is a glorious prize-spotting day.

LUCKY LINKS A meal that starts with dessert. Music that reminds you of a friend’s special day. Your neighbour with the most colourful garden.

RUNE REVELATIONS Stepping away from the past, and looking firmly to the future, is the love message in your rune INGWAZ.

This strongly emotional rune shows you carry the power to help a partnership go deeper and mean more.

But a pledge of two-way openness is an essential factor. If you’re fancy-free, someone who seems your total opposite, and you may even dislike at first, brings the promise of slow-grow, long-time passion.

Ingwaz is also a symbol of a new work direction, based on emotional, not financial rewards. 


JUNE 22 – JULY 22

You have the hottest imagination in the zodiac this week, and all your ideas sizzle – especially if you’re competing in a creative race.

You can surprise yourself in love terms, too, with an ability to shrug off previous issues and lead the way in moving on.

If you’re single, a work name, that appears in a fun context, can be such a special catch.

Lucky numbers end in “4”.

DESTINY DAYS Presentations, or maybe proposals, go extra well on Tuesday. But Friday, you may be too blunt, so tread warily at work. Get set for a weekend of sexy “R” revelations.

LUCKY LINKS Brass buttons on a navy blue background. The scent of fresh linen. A house surrounded by a white wall.

RUNE REVELATIONS Get ready to get fired up, as your rune KENNAZ stokes your personal heat.

First, in fitness terms – you can discover a unique talent for a specialised sport or activity. And as you pursue this path, body and mind can both grow stronger, and clearer.

At work, too, you have extra fire, and joining forces with someone extremely creative, but also competitive, is a move-in-a-million.

In couple terms, keep on talking, no matter what. Single? Look closer at a hands-on instructor. 


JULY 23 – AUG 23

Maverick planet Uranus is at work behind the scenes of your chart – encouraging unexpected, even unlikely, work and love matches.

And showing you just what you can achieve when you let go of outdated ideas about yourself.

A secret-keeping moon builds the power of hidden “H” passion – until it simply has to be shared. Mars hastens a property buy or sale.

DESTINY DAYS You have a learning gift on Monday – use it or lose it! Add up a services sum again on Wednesday. Sunday is your day for personal firsts, from restaurants to reading.

LUCKY LINKS The first name of your favourite teacher. The friend who changes their car most often. One picture sent to you twice from different sources.

RUNE REVELATIONS Yes, you love the spotlight, so get ready to spend more time in it – thanks to the sun rune, SIEGEL.

This is a strong symbol of success, celebrity and private dreams turning to public celebrations.

If you’re in love, this rune asks you to stop holding back, waiting for a partner to guess your feelings.

Instead, spell them out, make them clear. If you’re single, your dream date can be someone who’s always the life and soul of the party, but also has a deeply caring side. 


AUG 24 – SEPT 22

The simple heat of the sun spreads through your sector of communication and helps you to speak directly, where previously you felt the need to hide or twist the truth.

And rules, of romance or life, that you want to break, are up for grabs. It’s important to stay in control of your own cash future, so however tempting, only accept an offer if you know it’s absolutely right for you.

DESTINY DAYS Monday and Wednesday can be your best days for meetings – especially if money is involved.

Ask for what you need from a parent or child on Thursday. Be your best and most generous self on Sunday.

LUCKY LINKS A one-way ticket that turns into a return. The film you’ve watched the most times. A friend who loves talking about exercise.

RUNE REVELATIONS The life you want can be the life you get, thanks to TYR, rune of strength and personal reinvention.

You have the cool, calm head you need to make the most of every opportunity that opens up.

If you’re settled in a bond, you must be brave to make the changes you need — but it will be worth it.

If you’re single, a fantasy face you’ve admired from afar is about to get much closer. 


SEPT 23 – OCT 23

From cash windfalls to winning ways with words, as the sun warms your money sector you can find prizes lining up.

Best of all is the chance to take an old idea, or project, and future-proof it.

You don’t need to accept a love offer if it’s not right for you – and this week you have the ability to ask for, and offer, key emotional changes.

If you’re single, a DJ plays your love tune.

DESTINY DAYS You can leapfrog to the top of a list on Monday, so don’t give up.

Try not to dodge a date on Thursday, as this can be a change-everything day. Smile back over a counter on Friday.

LUCKY LINKS A woman who wears colourful glasses. Food that’s linked to an “S” country. Your relative with the oldest home.

RUNE REVELATIONS The rune of the dawn, DAEGAZ, falls in your circle, and lines you up for fresh starts and new light on so many levels.

You’ll be extra-alert to chances, and love options, this week and know exactly what to do to make them work well for you.

The new you is someone who dresses, and behaves, in assertive ways – and any sense of having to prove yourself is gone. 


OCT 24 – NOV 22

This is your week to rise up and become your best and brightest self. The sun’s in your sign, and warrior Mars is on the way, too.

This is your ambition A-Team, you’ll feel the uplift in inner drive, and desire, levels.

New love wears crimson and loves the same music as you. In cash terms, try not to confuse love and money, keep them completely separate.

DESTINY DAYS A picture from an awards show can mean something special on Tuesday. On Friday and Saturday, it’s what you do that counts, not what you say. Sunday is a fab fashion day.

LUCKY LINKS A red front door. A family with twins on the way. An item you sold, or gave away, two years ago.

RUNE REVELATIONS A personal Scorpio journey of discovery is starting, via the rune of new horizons, RAD.

If you’re with a partner, this means looking far ahead, instead of getting caught in minor issues.

A separation, perhaps for work or family reasons, really can make two hearts grow fonder, love grow stronger.

If you’re single, crucial passion clues are initial “R” and an instant conviction you would follow this person anywhere.

You are also primed to chase new opportunities, instead of ignoring them.


NOV 23 – DEC 21

You’re a natural detective this week, as the sun helps you shine a light into difficult feelings, and situations that pushed people apart.

So a time of trying to hide genuine hopes can end. With Venus and the moon making you the zodiac’s fastest-learning lover, your ideas on being, or staying, together have special value.

An “E” location can help double up on family luck.

DESTINY DAYS Be your most giving self on Tuesday and Wednesday, especially in love. Read small print on Friday, and review your missed calls on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS Friends with “J” month birthdays. A company with a red and white logo. Messages with a thumbs up emoji.

RUNE REVELATIONS Yes, a passion storm may be up ahead, advises your rune, HAGEL – but weathering this can make you a better partner, and a happier person.

So wade right in. For an existing couple, conflict can be a positive element, as it encourages honesty and two-way learning and compromise.

If you’re single, be ready to be swept off your feet by someone intense, maybe moody, who never wants to live a quiet life.

Your emotions will be strong and stormy, but you’ll love the way they make you feel. 


DEC 22 – JAN 20

Your friendship zone is on fire this week, and you should follow up on any offers to join new groups, or revive old ones.

How you work and think with others can be the key to your next big life move.

Yes, passion may feel a mystery right now, but go with this, enjoy the experience.

Little by little your heart will work out what you really need, and how to make it happen.

DESTINY DAYS Set new work standards for yourself on Monday. Contact a distant friend or family name on Wednesday. Keep Thursday evening free for me-time.

LUCKY LINKS A book with a candle on the cover. A song you always sing in the shower. Your relative who loves crafty things.

RUNE REVELATIONS Finding, and keeping, a sincere love that goes both ways is the key message of GEYFU, the rune of generosity.

If you’re in a relationship, this rune reminds you that the best love is balanced and equal – and if you experience any sense of too much love-work falling to you, then you can and should address this.

Single? A beautiful face or fashionable image is not enough for you – dig deeper, before you make a future decision.


JAN 21 – FEB 18

You don’t just read people’s feelings and dreams this week – you help turn them to reality.

So say yes to any role as an advisor or coach, however small.

This can be the missing part of your life puzzle.

With Mars en route to your Aim-High zone, big gestures and dramatic wins can be in your near future.

While love settles into warm, wonderful routine.

Single? Look for a silver initial.

DESTINY DAYS Review how you spend your free time on Tuesday – clear some space for learning.

Open your heart to a recent work face on Thursday. Find a way to dance your socks off on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS An address including “West”. The friend who’s first to reply to invitations. Stained glass doors.

RUNE REVELATIONS New love and potential new shared success all flow from your rune WUNNA, symbol of wishes and winning.

If you’re in a bond already, then entering a music contest together, or maybe just singing together for fun, can unlock new levels of love.

If you’re free to find someone new, then finding out more about a local performance, and the people putting it on, can be such a prize passion move.

And a name that leaps out of a list at you, can be the trigger.


FEB 19 – MAR 20

However many times you’ve tried, this can be your week to crack a learning challenge – and head for a new life-level.

Yes, Pluto tries to rattle you at work – but you can be tougher. And in love bonds, Venus is clearly and calmly in charge.

So you forgive easily, and get ready to celebrate a shared decision. Single? Find new love in a vintage or second-hand store.

DESTINY DAYS Draw up a new budget on Monday. Keep all your promises, however ambitious, on Tuesday.

Read, or write, a personal story on Friday.

LUCKY LINKS Your most confident colleague. Drapes in dark velvet. A set of numbers linked to a past code.

RUNE REVELATIONS You are ready to make big, bold decisions following positive consultation and co-operation.

So asserts the money rune, MANNAZ.

If you’re in a relationship, and waiting for the go-ahead to make a shared financial commitment, then the green light for this can be close.

And leave you feeling so secure, yet also so free. If you’re single, then trust your instincts when you face a choice between partners.

One offers security, the other is more uncertain, but maybe also exciting. Go for the person who answers every question in your heart.

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