What you see in this eye-popping optical illusion will reveal if you trust people or not

DO you think you trust people deep down? An optical illusion may reveal your true feelings. 

A YouTube video asked viewers to choose whether they saw a face or a tail in a cartoon image – so what do YOU see?

If you can see the face of a dog, it could mean you are “super friendly” and always the “centre of attention”. 

The Bright Side video, which has racked up 235,500 views, said: “You’re also protective and loyal.”

However, it is possible to see a dog tail too.

The video added: “If it’s a dog tail to you, you’re likely more reserved and don’t trust people easily.”

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Did you see the tail or face first?

Many people were impressed at the illusion, with one person saying: “I found this very interesting.”

Another added: “What if you look at a picture and you immediately see both things??”

A third commented: “Love these optical illusion drawings , it’s interesting to see if others see the same or different.”

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If you liked this illusion, Bright Side offered a number of different ones on their channel. 

One asked people to decide if they could see a woman looking out of the window or a skull.

It explained: “If you notice the woman looking out of the window first, you may tend to overlook dangers. 

“You might even risk your life without realising it.

“You’re sometimes too spontaneous and a bit naïve.

“That’s why you may often find yourself unprepared for unpleasant consequences.”

Was it a skull that you saw first?

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The video explains: “If it was a skull you noticed first?

“If so, you’re a realist rather than an idealist.

“You probably come across as a bit cynical to people who don’t know you well, but your line of thinking is that all good things may come to an end one day.”

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