When does Elf on the Shelf end?

THE popular elf has delighted children this Christmas, but with the festive period drawing to an end it's almost time he reported back to the boss, Father Christmas.

Elf on the Shelfnormally arrives at the start of December and keeps a watchful eye on kids in the lead up to Christmas, but is now getting ready to say farewell.

When does Elf on the Shelf end?

Every November 24 through December 1, it is officially Scout Elf Return Week, according to the official website.

In this week, the elves gear up from the North Pole to go all over the world into their adoptive family home and stay all through the holidays. 

But according to tradition, Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas, is when an elf's job comes to an end.

On December 24, most Scout Elves say farewell to their families and head back to the North Pole with Father Christmas.

This is so they can help the big man in red begin preparing for the year ahead.

Can elves stay longer?

The popular elf can stay until a few days after Christmas before having to “return” to the North Pole, according to the website.

An elf might be granted permission to stay ifthey need extra time to complete their important Christmas duty, perhaps if the family was away during the holidays.

Or your elf might stay a while longer to continue watching over the kids, to ensure they continue to be on their best behaviour.

Some elves might want to stay to spend Christmas day with their adoptive family too,as some kids write notes to Santa asking permission for their elves to stay and watch them open presents before flying back.

Another reason they might stay is because they arrived a little later than usual.

If your Scout Elf got a late start at the beginning of the season, Father Christmas may extend their stay a bit.

What is Elf on the shelf?

Elf on the Shelf is a classic holiday tradition for young kids all around the world. 

Families can buy an Elf on the Shelf and “adopt” it all throughout the holiday season to watch over their children.

Most elves arrive from the North Polein the last week of November, or by the first of December.

Once it is settled in their adoptive homes, the elf can misbehave and do naughty things around the house to see if the child notices and corrects the behavior.

The elves report back to Santa and decide if children have been naughty or nice.

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