Woman asks hairdresser for gorgeous curtain fringe but is horrified by what she ends up with

WE'VE all been there. We see a stunning picture of a celeb with perfectly groomed flowing hair and we head straight to the hairdressers to demand the same.

Unfortunately for us, our aspirations of stunning Insta-glam hair can sometimes fall short.

When that happens, it can be due to the difference in our hair, our budgets or, as one woman found out, our hairdressers.

TikToker Lidia got involved in the "What I wanted vs what I got trend" by displaying her hopes for her hair.

She said: "Asked my hairdresser for 'curtain bangs' and showed these pictures."

After the reel of pretty fringes she then cut to what her hairdresser had cut for her.

The fringe she was left with had none of the waves of the glam photos but were just strands of straight hair – too short to style with a blow dry.

She captioned the picture with: "And this is what he gave me."

Fellow TikTokers were quick to commiserate with Lidia, with many of them saying they had the same experience.

One said: "MINE TOO. She cut them so short I want to cry."

Another agreed: "This is literally what mine look like."

A third said: "I got them shorter my life is over."

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