Woman shares genius tip to be able to use your laptop out in the sun without the glare & all you need is an old shoe box

AS the sun comes out and it gets too hot to work inside, why not switch up the stuffy office for some fresh air?

One woman saw this change of scenery as an opportunity to top up her tan whilst she’s busy working.

Jade Le-Huray, a make-up artist and life coach, shared her brilliantly simple hack on TikTok which allows her to bask in the sun whilst working hard.

To stop glare from her laptop screen, Jade slots it inside an old shoe box which instantly protects her device from over-heating and stops glare shining onto her face.

With this easy hack, Jade is able to sit back and relax and top-up her summer glow.

People raved about Jade’s trick in the comments, with some calling it a “game changer”.

One user wrote: “I was literally just moaning that I can’t see my laptop in the garden in the sun! This is genius!”

Another said: “Omg you might have just changed my life.”

Hundreds of people were quick to say that they don’t have any shoe boxes going spare – so they’ll just have to go buy some new shoes.

The video had been viewed over 1.3million times and garnered over 136,200 likes.

So whilst you can make the most of your time in the sun, use Jade’s simple hack to take your inside office out into the garden.

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