Woman uses a razor to shave off bobbles from her sheets and people are stunned by the cheap hack

THERE'S nothing more annoying than bobbly sheets after years of wear and tear.

But you can get fabric looking brand new with a genius hack – and all you need is the razor from your bathroom.

In a post to Facebook group 'Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks', a woman revealed how she had "shaved" off the bobbles using the common hair removal product.

The savvy social media user shared a range of snaps – and a video – demonstrating how she had used the trick on bobbly fabric on the underside of her sofa.

Captioning the images, she wrote that it "really does work to get rid of bobbly fabric ".

Her post was well-received by fellow members who rushed to thank her for bringing the handy tip to their attention.

One person commented: "Oh my god amazing I’m gonna try this."

Another wrote: "I do this on tops that go bobbly."

A third shared: "I've done this many times."

And a fourth added: "Been doing this for ages. Then rub it all off with a lint roller."

It comes after a woman came up with a genius time-saving alternative to sanding paint off surfaces.

The DIY fan shared in Facebook group 'Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks' how she had tried sanding the paint on her stair banisters before coming up with a bright idea.

In pictures and videos, the delighted social media user demonstrated how the vegetable peeler effectively stripped the surface – and far more quickly.

She wrote: "After spending hours sanding and peeling a number of layers of my upstairs banister.

"I was about to give up. I then saw my veg peeler in the drawer!!!!!!

"I cannot believe how quickly I've got two stair banister done. I've saved a fortune."

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