You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the hidden animals in this optical illusion… how many can YOU find? | The Sun

YOU have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the hidden animals in this tricky optical illusion.

Lurking in this mind-bending puzzle are a number of different animals.

We challenge you to spot them all but be warned – it may be more difficult than it seems.

Puzzlers have been left stumped trying to locate the correct number of animals and have taken to Twitter to leave their guesses and confusion.

One said: "I see 8 but none of the people that see more than 8 list them. If you see 12 what are they? I'm very curious as to what 4 more I can't see".

Another added: "What's the right answer!"


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The blue background and distinctive black silhouette makes the illusion even more puzzling but you could have the eyesight of a predator if you find the correct number.

Optical illusions are becoming a popular daily activity for people that not only want to test their eyesight – but their brainpower too.

Don't worry if you're struggling to spot them all, as we have the solution below.

If you focus your eyes on the outskirt of the silhouette, you may spot a large wild animal.

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Them if you look within, you may see something suspicious lurking in the tail, legs and trunk.

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