You’ve been pouring your ketchup all wrong – there’s an easy way to get it out quickly EVERY time

WE all have a bottle of the red stuff in our cupboards.

But, have you ever noticed a small number 57 on the neck of the Heinz bottles?

If you look closely, there is a number 57 above the label, just below the neck.

On glass bottles it is also engraved so the number is raised on the bottle.

Some people think the number represents the various Heinz sauces that they make – however it also has another use.


It may just be the sweet spot to tap for you to get an easy portion of ketchup, every time.

Heinz says that the spot is the perfect place to tap on the bottle when you're struggling to get ketchup out.

The number 57 is strategically placed for a very important purpose.

H.J Heinz considered 57 to be magical and lucky, so he came up with the slogan “57 Varieties” despite the fact the company offers more than 60 different products in 1896.

Today, Heinz makes more than 5,700 products — but is still known for “57 Varieties.”

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On the trivia section of their website, they explained: "To release Heinz Tomato Ketchup from its glass bottle with extra speed, apply a firm tap to the spot marked '57' on the neck label."

So, now we know.

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