You’ve been pouring your orange juice all wrong – how to make sure it NEVER spills again

THEORETICALLY, pouring yourself a glass of refreshing orange juice shouldn't be all that hard.

But, in reality, we all know we end up with splashes of the nutritious drink all over the table.

According to a YouTuber, this could be something to do with how you pour the drink – and, turns out, we all have been doing it wrong.

The simple trick was uploaded by CrazyRussianHacker and has been viewed almost 3,5 million times.

He insists that the juice should actually be poured over the cardboard fold on the carton into the glass.

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This amazingly simply change makes the process a lot smoother and less messy.

''I'm always so happy to find out these things,'' thanked a viewer.

''I knew something was going wrong in my life with the juice to glass transferral process but I could never pinpoint it.

''Now I feel that I can really put this issue to bed once and for all.''

''I hate when the things I pour start doing that.

''So far, everything I've tried from your channel works great!'' wrote a fan.

Another YouTuber who was initially not so convinced commented: ''At first when I saw it was a 3 minute video about pouring juice I was put off but now after watching I think that's the most valuable information I have learned all day.

''I never looked at a bottle like you should pour it the other or right way!''

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