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WONDERING what the benefits of purchasing one of the best pre-lit Christmas trees over a real one are?

For starters, the cost: real Nordman fir trees can often start at £30 or £40 – and that’s for the mini ones. For a dramatic 7ft or 8ft tree, you’re looking at paying £80 and upwards. Plus, you’ll need a new one annually.

By contrast, an artificial tree might set you back a couple of hundred pounds initially, but it will last for years (provided you have decent space to store it well).

You can also save money – and faff – on decorations and lights: many of the artificial trees come pre-lit and often accessorized with pinecones, berries and the like.

Just think of it: no more wires to get tangled up in! Pre-lit Christmas trees usually come with a convenient stand, too.

If you’re thinking about ditching real trees in favour of artificial ones for environmental reasons, we commend you – although a plastic tree made and shipped over from China is unlikely to shave much off the carbon footprint – unless you treat it well and reuse it year after year after year.


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So invest in a gorgeous pre-lit tree you’ll want to hang onto – here's our selection of the best pre-lit Christmas trees on the market.

Best Pre-lit Christmas Trees At a Glance

  • Best Christmas tree with built-in lights: WeRChristmas Pre-lit Christmas Tree 
  • Best cheap pre-lit tree: Blado 3ft Fibre Optic Christmas Tree
  • Best white Christmas tree: Busybee White Christmas Tree
  • Best small pre-lit tree: Pre-lit Christmas Tree In Willow Basket 4.5ft
  • Best slim Christmas tree: John Lewis 6ft Birch Twig Tree

John Lewis 6ft Birch Twig Tree

  • Birch Twig Tree, £89 from John Lewis – buy here

If you’re more of a minimalist kind of person and don’t want to disturb the theme of your décor, then how about this contemporary take on a Christmas tree?

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This pre-lit birch twig tree is covered with 600 white static LEDs and looks amazing in any home.

The tree’s copper tones will fit with any colour scheme and, following the festive season, wouldn’t look out of place as accent lighting in the corner of the room.

As well as enhancing your minimalist style, by buying this tree, you’re also contributing to the planting of 10,000 trees by John Lewis at its Leckford Estate in Hampshire.

Height: 6 feet Weight: 2.2Kg Delivery fee: Free

Pre-Lit Christmas Tree In Willow Basket 4.5ft

  • Pre-Lit Christmas Tree – 4.5ft, for £145 from The White Company – buy here

This perfect tree that won't end up taking too much space in your room from The White Company is a handy buy if you have a smaller space or want to perk up your office area or holiday rental with some Christmas spirit.

The pre-lit design includes battery-operated fairy lights and a gorgeous wicker pot, plus it has a wonderfully realistic look, shape and colour.

One happy shopper left a five-star review that simply stated, 'Bring on Christmas so I can show off my tree.'

Height: 4.5 feet Weight: 5.16Kg Delivery fee: Free


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8ft Pre-lit Pine Christmas Tree

  • 8ft Pre-lit Pine Christmas Tree, £199.00 from M&S – buy here

Now if you've got the space to fill, you simply can't go wrong with the eight-footer.

Unlike if you were to go and pick out the best eight-foot tree from your local Christmas Tree farm, this pre-lit pine comes with lights already.

It doesn't require constant care, the cats won't be able to wreck your centrepiece, and the best bit is it won't shed needles all over your presents and floor for the month of December – a large beautiful tree with no downsides, amazing.

Just remember, if you're considering a larger tree, you should aim to have around six inches between the top of your tree and the ceiling.

Height: 8 feet Weight: N/A Delivery fee: Free

90cm Pre Lit Outdoor Potted Christmas Tree

  • 90cm Pre-Lit Outdoor Potted Christmas Tree, £99.99 from Lights 4 Fun – buy here

Christmas spirit doesn't have to be reserved for inside your home. If you're looking to spread the cheer and festivities by adding a little splash of excitement to your porch or garden.

The faux greenage is comparable to the real thing, but the best part is it's sure to handle the British winter without wilting or dying if you ever forget to bring it in when the weather is a little too unbearable.

It's battery-powered, so no cable or wire hassle. Just pop in your 3 D-sized batteries and set its 6-hour timer off to lighten up wherever you decide to place it.

One reviewer calls it a 'gorgeous outdoor faux tree' that'looked lovely on [their] doorstep', noting that it also 'looked very realistic'.

Height:90cmWeight: 2.2Kg Delivery fee: Free

Dusky Pine Pre-Lit Christmas Tree – 6ft

  • Dusky Pine Pre-Lit Christmas Tree – 6ft, £250 from Cox & Cox – buy here

This luxurious Christmas tree boasts integrated warm white LED lights and frosted needle tips that, when lit up, make it seem as if there are fairies hiding within your tree.

You won’t become tangled up in all those lights, though, as the tree comes in three pieces, which you simply pop together, so only limited DIY skills are required.

It’s 6ft tall, so large enough to fit all of your decorations on there, and you can choose from one of eight light effects, including static and twinkle.

Definitely destined to become a much-loved festive favourite.

Height: 6 feet Weight: N/A Delivery fee:£5.95

WeRChristmas Pre-lit Christmas Tree 

  • WeRChristmas Pre-lit Snow Coated Tree, for £160.49 on Amazon – buy here

If your Christmas tree lights policy is 'the more the merrier', then you'll enjoy this pre-lit tree complete with snowy-tipped branches, which features 400 warm white LEDs.

The pinecones and berries interspersed among the branches mean this won't require any decorating energy expenditure from you at all – unless you want to add more, that is!

The lights flash at different speeds you can control, and they include twinkle, static, fade, chasing and flash options.

Height: 7 feet Weight: 14.6Kg Delivery fee: Free

Indoor Outdoor  Fabulous Pre-Lit Pine Tree

  • Indoor Outdoor Fabulous Pre-Lit Pine Tree, £495 from Cox & Cox – buy here

This artificial tree looks the real deal and will remain magnificent outside your house all the way through the festive season.

It is pre-lit by 640 lights and stands 7ft tall. The branches are hinged, and the tree is in three sections, so assembly is a piece of (Christmas) cake!

If you decide you don’t want to leave your tree out in the cold, you can also display it indoors.

Height:7 feet Weight: N/A Delivery fee: £15

6ft Pre-Lit Frosted Andorra Fir Christmas Tree

  • 6ft Pre-Lit Frosted Andorra Fir Christmas Tree, £199 from Dunelm – buy here

A little different to your run-of-the-mill Christmas tree and definitely one for lovers of snow. This heavily frosted version definitely makes an impact and would be great as a second tree, especially if your kids love snow.

We might not get a white Christmas this year, but that certainly doesn't mean you can't bring that feeling of snow into your home without needing to freeze.

The tree is hinged, meaning easy assembly with plenty of space for decorations and small gifts.

It’s easy to assemble, comes with a tree stand and is 6ft tall.

Height: 6 feet Weight: N/A Delivery fee: £9.95

Busybee 7ft White Christmas Tree with 300 LEDs Lights

  • Busybee 7ft White Christmas Tree with 400 LED Lights, £159.99 from Amazon – buy here

An all-white tree can really give the grotto feel to your living room, so we're loving the Busybee seven-foot White Christmas Tree with 400 LED lights.

Made from non-toxic PVC plastic, this tree comes with assorted ornaments that you can style as OTT or as minimalist as you wish.

The insulated copper wire means the lights remain at a low temperature, so they're safe to touch even after many hours of lighting up your home.

Height: 6 feet Weight: 9.16Kg Delivery fee: Free

Habitat 6ft Pre-lit Blue Oscar With Pine Cone Christmas Tree

  • Habitat 6ft Pre-lit Blue Oscar With Pine Cone Christmas Tree £75 from Argos – buy here

Argos' pre-lit Christmas tree with snow has 150 static warm white lights and 560 tips.

Following the trend of the other pre-lit trees, it comes in three manageable pieces for easy assembly that won't leave you scratching your head.

If you like your tree to have some baubles and tinsel, there's plenty of space to continue spicing up your tree to make it match your Christmas decor

Reviewers say it's 'easy to assemble', 'looks amazing' and is 'great quality'.

Another customer calls it 'excellent value for money lovely tree'.

Height: 6 feet Weight: 5kg Delivery fee: £3.95

WeRChristmas Pre-lit Windsor Fir Christmas Tree

  • WeRChristmas Pre-lit Windsor Fir Christmas Tree, for £269.99 on Amazon – buy here

With 500 multicolour and warm white LED flashing lights, this WeRChristmas twinkling tree will definitely put you in a festive mood.

The 7-foot design is full and natural-looking and includes a metal stand, a multi-function controller with pedal switch and a transformer.

One reviewer praised it for being 'easy to assemble', and another stated, 'This is amazing. Looks real and is very impressive.'

Height: 7 feet Weight: 16.8kg Delivery fee: Free

Ryman Snow Tipped Christmas Tree with Multi-Coloured LED Lights

  • Snow Tipped Christmas Tree with Multi-Coloured LED Lights, £56.99 from Ryman – buy here

If space is a consideration, but you still want a wow factor, you could go for a narrower tree, such as this pre-lit tree from Rymans.

It has 300 multi-coloured lights, stands 6ft tall, and has a sturdy metal stand.

The snow-tipped effect adds the crowning Christmas touch.

Height: 5 feet Weight: 4kg Delivery fee: Free

John Lewis Cotswold Potted Pre-lit Christmas Tree

  • John Lewis Cotswold Potted Pre-lit Christmas Tree, 3ft, £45 from John Lewis – buy here

If you're after a fake tree that you can pull out of the loft every time the festive season swoops back around, then it's worth investing in one that you can keep for life like this John Lewis bad boy.

This potted tree comes pre-lit with 900 pure white micro LEDs (which is a lot), the branches are full, the colour is rich, and the different-sized branches give a realistic feel.

Reviewers love the tree, with one saying 'Perfect small Christmas tree! The bucket is cute and gives a contemporary feel.'

Height: 3 feet Weight: 0.2kg Delivery fee: Free

Blado 3ft Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

  • Blado 3ft Fibre Optic Christmas Tree, £24.90 from Amazon – buy here

If you’re in an apartment or studio but you don’t want to miss out on Christmas tradition, this fibre optic pre-lit tree could be just what you’re looking for.

The multi-colour lighting effects also mean there’s no need for extra decorations if you don’t want to add them – which will also prevent overwhelm if space is limited.

The tree is available in a range of sizes from 3ft, and it comes in its own pot.

Height: 3 feet Weight: 1.8kg Delivery fee: Free

he Ultra Devonshire Fir Pre-lit 

  • The Ultra Devonshire Fir Pre-lit (4ft to 12ft), from £89.99 at Christmas Tree World – buy here

For a realistic-looking tree with reusable benefits, the Ultra Devonshire Fir at Christmas Tree World is a favourite.

It has multicoloured and warm white LEDs, as well as eight different lighting functions.

Available in sizes from 4ft-12ft, it just requires a bit of 'fluffing' to look full and fantastic.

A happy shopper wrote, 'The best tree we have ever had. It looks and feels amazing so happy with it. Once ordered, it came quickly and is fantastic. I would highly recommend it!!'

Height: 4-12 feet Weight: N/A Delivery fee: Free

Where to buy pre-lit Christmas trees in the UK?

Pre-lit Christmas trees are stocked by many large retailers nowadays, so there's no need to venture out into the cold to your local Christmas Tree farm if you want to nab yourself one in time for December.

Searching around to figure out which retailers stock pre-lit trees, however, is a bit of a tall task the closer you get to Christmas day, so here's a short list of places to begin looking.

  • Amazon
  • John Lewis
  • M&S
  • Argos
  • Dunelm

How much do pre-lit Christmas trees cost?

Pre-lit Christmas trees may not be real, but they still come with a necessary price tag as often they are intended for continual use.

After disassembly on Christmas Day, you can whip it back out annually, making the most of your money.

From our research, pre-lit trees can cost anywhere from around £30 for small ones that you might not be able to fit too many presents under, but it'll definitely add some cheer to the room.

Whereas if you're after a large centrepiece, the price tag goes up to the £250 mark.

What is a pre-lit Christmas tree?

A pre-lit Christmas tree can save you quite a bit of hassle at Christmas – no more getting knotted in Christmas lights.

It's typically an artificial, reusable tree that's been pre-wired with lights – these can be warm white LEDs or multicolour lights and can be found on fibre optic trees or those resembling real-world firs.

What are the benefits of a pre-lit Christmas tree?

Pre-lit trees win points for reusability, convenience and ease.

They can be stored away compactly from one year to the next, and they can also save you money since you won't have to buy a tree each year.

Most are fitted with LED lights to last for years, and they simply plug in and are ready to go – they're the hassle-free option for Christmas.

If you're obsessed with decorating, a pre-lit tree can still work for you: just put the baubles on when it arrives.

Is a pre-lit Christmas tree worth the money?

While pre-lit Christmas trees do tend to be more expensive – most larger ones start anywhere from £80-£200, converts say they are absolutely worth the money.

They save you time not having to untangle lights from trees and can be reused multiple times – which means you could quickly find they're cheaper than buying a new tree annually.

Look out for Black Friday and post-Christmas sales on pre-lit trees.

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Do pre-lit Christmas trees last?

If you treat your pre-lit Christmas tree well – e.g. don't put it up outside when it's an indoor tree, store it lovingly instead of chucking it down the cellar stairs – then you could easily have your pre-lit Christmas tree for up to 10 years.

Invest in one with LED lights to ensure those lights keep twinkling Christmas after Christmas.

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