20 Best Board Games 2021 | The Sun UK

NOTHING UNITES friends and family members like an afternoon, evening or weekend spent playing board games.

Of course, the best board games aren't just about whiling away a few hours. They have everyone feeling engaged, invested and get those competitive juices flowing – long after the game has ended, in some cases.

As we refocus our social lives towards more home entertainment, board games are top of our minds for fun for all ages.

With most of them under £25, they provide hours of fun that generation after generation can enjoy – and are a healthy antidote for those worried about too much screen time.

While some board games are pure luck, others involve creativity, logic and the ability to think fast in a crisis.

Some board games test your ability to build – and your dexterity – while others require you to be a team player.

Whether you've got a quick 10 minutes before putting the kids to bed or want to have a game-heavy weekend, these are the games for all ages, levels and interests.

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