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BABY keeping you up? You may want to hunt down one of the best baby white noise machines.

Often babies, particularly newborns, find it difficult to go off to sleep on their own – they're not used to complete silence so this is where white noise machines can come in to save the day.

Mimicking the sounds of the womb, white noise devices are a static whirring machines with low, medium and high frequencies. This results in a 'shh' sound, effectively becoming a blanket of sound to soothe them off to sleep.

Most newborn babies are asleep more than they are awake, particularly in their first few weeks. Their daily sleep varies, but can be from eight hours up to 16 or 18 hours per day. This doesn’t mean they go off easily though – far from it sometimes.

We’ve rounded up our favourite white noise machines for you to get your little one in the mood for a gentle slumber. Why not try one and include in baby’s bedtime routine?

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1. Dreamegg White Noise Machine

  1. (AD) Dreamegg White Noise Machine, £27.99, from Amazon – buy here

Small but mighty! The Dreamegg white noise machine combines blocking daily noise, with a small nightlight and aids as a sleep soother, all in one easy-to-use device.

Choose from 11 soothing sounds including white noise, ocean sound, brook, lullaby, music box, shushing, vacuum cleaner, fetal tone, fair sound, cricket and fan sound.

It is small enough to transport from place to place, and even has a handle that easily attaches to a bedroom door handle or even a pram.

The nightlight gives a gentle glow, meaning you can use it as a safe night light for your little one, and it comes with a child lock on the back for safety.

 To charge it there are two supply modes- a docking station or a classic USB charger (supplied separately). Once charged it lasts for 5-8 hours, depending if you are using the accompanying night light with it.

We love the lullaby sounds that come with it, which creates a gently sleepy environment that your little one will enjoy time and time again.

2. SnuzCloud Sleep Aid

  1. (AD) SnuzCloud Sleep Aid, £22.95, from Amazon – buy here

With 4 soothing sounds including heartbeat, pink noise, lullaby & waterfall, the Snuz is a cross between a cuddly toy, a nightlight and a white noise machine.

This delicate lightweight white noise machine comes with two light options: a calming pink glow & soft white night light, which can be turned on or off in an instant.

We also adore the design! A plush Snuz cloud design with a sleepy face on soft fabric, it comes with a handy Velcro strap too, meaning you can easily attach it to the inside of the cot- or anywhere else you fancy.

It is suitable from birth and has a timer button that you simply press which lasts for 20 minutes and takes three AAA batteries. Cute and helpful!

3. Pabobo Underwater Effects Projector Whale

  • Pabobo Projector Whale, £45, from Jojo Maman Bebe – buy here

Not only cute and stylish in any baby’s nursery, the Pabobo also is an effective white noise machine. With animated shapes of fish and waves across the wall and ceiling to give an underwater effect, the soft lullaby music or white noise will help lull baby into a deep sleep.

It has three light intensities depending on how baby responds to the lights and automatically turns off after 25 minutes (15 minutes if sound is on)

It is also safe and interesting for a toddler to touch and explore and its soft body can be removed for washing.

One fan says, ‘My 10-week old grandson is mesmerized by the fish and waves and settles to sleep quickly, and is restful and content. Mum and dad are also very pleased!’

4. Kimbo Noise Soother

  • Kimbo Noise Soother, £32, from The White Company – buy here

Designed even for the fussier baby, the Kimbo Noise Soother acts as a super-soft cuddly toy with sounds that mimic the inside of the womb. By baby hearing this, it can send them off to sleep relaxed and peaceful.

The sounds can be changed at a touch of a button and includes four sounds: white noise, lullaby, womb and birds.

Its white elephant design looks lovely and is safe to be in the cot with baby while its glowing tummy will help soothe them should they stir in the day or night. Magic at sleep time!

5. White Noise Machine

  • White Noise Machine, £18.99, from Amazon – buy here

An absolute steal, you won’t find a better price than on this white noise machine! A simple, sturdy, and effective white noise machine that creates a selection of six relaxing white noise and natural sounds. It makes an ideal baby soother, with its handy built-in adjustable timer which features three options of 15, 30, or 60 minutes for auto-turnoff. This will help greatly if you fall asleep yourself before the end of it.

You can also select continuous sound for non-stop playback until manually stopped- which is great for those long nights when extra soothing sound is needed.

The machine itself is quite small, meaning its an ideal choice for those that like to travel and comes with a Micro USB cable or alternately it can fit AAA batteries (not included). Wake up with your little one feeling refreshed.

6. Whisbear The Humming Bear

  • Whisbear The Humming Bear with CRYSensor, £49.99, from John Lewis – buy here

Described as a creation of soothing sound that the baby remembers from the womb, the Whisbear emits a gentle, hairdryer-like soft sound.

Thanks to the unique CRYsensor function, The Whisbear has the function to hear when baby awakes, cries or stirs and can gently turn back on.

The Whisbear is also a great tool to encourage fine motor development skills and is good for sensory too. It uses rustling elements in the ears and paws for them to play with and touch, along with pretty colours and textures of fabrics.

The Humming Bear also has secret magnets hidden in its paws which are very handy to attach to the side of the cot but also to take out and about in a car seat, pram, or even a nappy bag.

7. Suzy Portable White Noise Machine

  • Suzy Portable White Noise Machine, £20, from Kidly – buy here

Its bedtime and you want your little one to go down quickly and easily – which is often easier said than done! The Suzy is a great little compact device to efficiently help with this.

You can choose from 6 different noises – including heartbeat, shushing and white noise – and while you are spoilt for choice with sounds its portable packaging makes it easy to take around with you.

It automatically shuts off after 20 minutes but fear not! The handy built-in cry sensor will turn the sound back on whenever your little one awakes. Suzy could be your new best friend!

8. Babymoov Sleepy White Noise Nightlight

  • Babymoov Sleepy White Noise Nightlight, £19.99, from Jojo Maman Bebe – buy here

This Babymoov white noise nightlight encompasses several handy additions to give your baby a relaxing send-off that it needs to go to sleep. It has adjustable volume, rainbow-colored lights, and an interesting ‘tap and light’ feature making it the easiest white noise machine to turn on. Its integrated timer means you don’t need to keep sneaking into the baby’s bedroom to turn it off either!

A small compact design, it emits white and pink noise, and gentle nature sounds- all at the touch of a button. Win-win!

What is a baby white noise machine?

Doorbells ringing? Trucks outsides? Children playing? All these seemingly harmless noises can disrupt a babies sleep. But white noise machines can effectively mask other sounds, which is handy if you have other children or neighbours that make some noise in the day or night.

They are often so used to the sounds of being in the womb that without it they’re bodies can find it difficult to adjust.

White noise machines can help greatly with this, and many come in a variety of designs – from cuddly toy designs to stylish sleep boxes to put in the babies’ nursery.

Many white noise machines can also be used for a set period of time, with some even being able to adjust them for longer periods. This can be extremely helpful if your baby stirs or wakes briefly in their sleep. The noise can give them reassurance and send them back off to snooze land- which can even give you a few extra zzz’s.

There has been much debate if babies can become reliant on white noise machines and whilst there is no conclusive evidence if they do get used to them, it does state on the NHS website that to help calm a baby having some background noise often helps to distract them.

Which white noise machine is the best?

White noise machines can be worth their weight in gold in assisting with a soothing sleep for your little one. The best white noise machine will drown out background noise like cars, people speaking and even doorbells ringing at inappropriate times! White noise machines come in a variety of designs and packaging. From simple boxes to soft plush toys, the best white noise machines come from brands such as Babymoov, Amazon, Jojo Maman Bebe,Kidly, John Lewis, and The White Company.

Can white noise be harmful?

White noise machines benefit a baby by helping to promote easy sleep. However, it is important to keep noise at a safe level for all, baby and adults included. If white noise machines sound goes above safe decibel levels, then they can be harmful.  

When your baby cries, many may boost the sound for several minutes to the level of the baby's cries. After they fall asleep they then reduce the sound to around 65 dB. The best way is to keep it at the same level whether there is crying or no noise.

Should white noise be played all night?

White noise is best played at short intervals like nap time, getting off to sleep, and sometimes even waking up. They are not aimed to be played all the time and many white noise machines have different timers that are around 15, 30, or 60 minute auto-shut off. It is important to remember that if a baby wakes in the night, especially if they are under six months old, they may have discomfort or a need that needs to be seen to. A young baby is not expected to always sleep through the whole night and may need a feed, a bottle, a nappy change, or just a cuddle.

What is the best white noise for sleeping?

Although many sleep aids are classified as white noise machines, most come with plenty of different sounds to help lull baby off into a deep sleep. These can be white noise, lullabies, humming, pink noise, waves, birds, wind, and many more. When you have purchased a white noise machine, It always best to go through the settings and trial a few sounds to see which one works best for your little one.

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