A New Reddit Theory Claims Peter Totally Gave Away The 'Bachelor' Winner On 'Women Tell All'

It’s a new day, which means, of course, there’s another Bachelor finale theory. You won’t know for sure how Peter Weber’s search for love ends until next week, but that certainly hasn’t stopped the theories from rolling in.

The latest theory that’s catching fire: Victoria Fuller actually won The Bachelor and we’ve all been fooled. Just to recap: Victoria was sent packing on Monday night’s episode and we saw her again during the Women Tell All episode. Victoria seemed calm and collected, and suitably repentant about the fact that she picked a fight with Peter practically every time he breathed.

Now, someone is suggesting on Reddit that Peter slipped up during the Women Tell All episode because…he talked about their relationship in the present tense.

Redditor LiaLu7 pointed out that Peter said this when talking to Victoria: “And so, um, I really do feel good about our relationship.” He also told her that she looked beautiful which, eh, is a pretty normal-slash-polite thing to say to an ex, IMHO.

But back to the tense thing… . Is it possible that Peter realized that he wants a life with Victoria and chased her down? Totally. Is it likely? Eh, probably not.

For starters, Peter was talking about how he feels about how their relationship went down in hindsight. How else are you going to say what he said? “As a person who is no longer in this relationship, I feel good about what happened, which is completely and utterly in the past?”

Victoria has also written a goodbye note to Peter on Instagram so, she’s either trying to throw us off the scent, or she’s just done with that chapter of her life and ready to move on to Bachelor in Paradise (because you know she’ll end up there).


To further dampen this Victoria F. theory, spoiler guru Reality Steve tweeted way back in November that Victoria was spotted hanging out with her ex Brett. No word on what that all means, but… .

(SPOILER): While Victoria was on IG last night gaining 15k followers and reading all the comments coming in (deleting a lot of the negative ones of course), she was also sitting with her ex boyfriend, Brett. So since many of you have asked, no, Victoria didn’t win this season.

So, does Peter end up with Victoria F.? Is he currently with one of the Bachelor producers? Did he chase down Kelley Flanagan and hook up with her? Or is he currently living the sweet life with Madison Prewett? So. Many. Questions.

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