Amazon’s ‘predatory pricing’ will kill off our high streets, top boss warns

Amazon is on track to destroy Britain’s high streets, the boss of Timpson has warned.

Sir John Timpson accused the US giant of using “predatory trading” to hammer its competitors.

And he said: “It’s taken them 24 years to get to this point. In another 24 to 25 years you will not be able to trade with anyone else.”

Sir John, who has more than 2,000 shoe repair shops, said Amazon’s tax position put it at a “distinct advantage”.

Its aggressive pricing also piled pressure on rivals. He said: “This isn’t just a loss leader.

"This is predatory pricing. I would be seriously worried about what that’s going to do to retailing in the UK.”

An Amazon spokesman hit back and said: “These assertions are simply wrong – 82p in every pound is still spent in physical stores.

“Amazon is just a very small fraction of online retail sales.”

The boss of Twitter Jack Dorsey yesterday claimed his payments firm Square could help save small high street businesses.

Echoing the message behind the Mirror High Street Fightback, he said: “There are going to be a lot that move on. But the pub isn’t going to move on, restaurants aren’t going to move on.”

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