Apple Announces Revamped User Interface for Apple TV

Apple introduced a new version of tvOS for at its worldwide developer conference (WWDC) in San Jose, Calif. Monday. The new version of tVOS comes with a redesigned user interface as well as multi-user support, allowing Apple TV owners to access personal content recommendations for each and every household member.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the new version of tvOS as part of a plug for Apple TV+, the company’s paid video streaming service that is slated to debut later this year. “We completely redesigned the home screen,” he said about tvOS. The company didn’t give any updates on availability and pricing of Apple TV+, but it did share a trailer for its show “For All Mankind.”

In addition to a new interface, Apple TV will also get access to Apple Arcade, the company’s upcoming game streaming service. The company again didn’t share any new details on pricing and availability, but Cook did share that Apple TV users would be able to play games on the device with a variety of game controllers, including Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers.

Another feature shown on stage ties into Apple Music, the company’s streaming music service. With the new update, Apple Music subscribers will be able to read the lyrics of a song while playing it on their Apple TV. The app will also make use of multi-user support for personalized music recommendations.


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