Aquarius horoscope: ‘World-changing shifts’ are abound as Aquarius season begins

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From Earth’s perspective, the Sun has moved into the star sign Aquarius, which has astrologers excit ed.New opportunities look like they will present themselves in the coming weeks, so make sure to look out for potential new beginnings. The zodiac sign of Aquarius will increase your individuality, while also bringing people together.

A tough 2020 is behind us, and although 2021 has seen a difficult start, things could be looking up, astrologers state.

Just because you have found a new sense of purpose does not mean you will not still belong.

Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian, so it might be a good idea to get involved with a cause you are passionate in.

Use your self-confidence to make a difference, as the slightest change can have the biggest impact.

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The Sun will stay in the sign Aquarius until February 18, so use the time wisely.

Astrologers at Mind Body Green said: “Embrace the sharing economy: How can you pool resources, trade services, or co-invest in goods?

“Start making changes in your corner of the Earth and the groundswell could pick up from there.

“And don’t forget to tap into virtual networks to rally people for a common cause.”

However, it is important to consider the potential pitfalls.

Mars is in Taurus, which will bring with it a sense of impulsiveness.

Be sure to map out your path so you do not go off track.

Mind Body Green astrologers added: “Do you actually know where you’re going?

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“And have you considered all the potential pitfalls and repercussions that might come along with making such hasty moves?

“Mars is travelling through Taurus from January 6 until March 3, making us stubbornly fixated on having things go a certain way.

“And with Jupiter racing through idealistic Aquarius, logic could fly out the window.

“This is not the time to skip any important steps, such as negotiating deals with a lawyer and drawing up an actual project plan.”

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