Aries star sign: When are Aries born, is Aries a fire sign?

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Aries is symbolised by the ram, so it’s no surprise that this sign has a reputation for being adventurous, ambitious, and full of energy. There are other aspects of the sign that determine its traits though. Is Aries a fire sign?

When are Aries born?

Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac and you’re an Aries if you are born between March 21 and April 19.

There are two Equinoxes in a year – Spring and Autumn.

An Equinox is the period where the centre of the sun is directly above the Equator and day and night are about the same length.

This brings a new season, and astrologers consider Spring’s Equinox the start of the Astrological year.

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That’s why Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac, bringing a fresh start, mirroring the growing flowers and brighter days.

It makes sense that Aries is concerned with new beginnings, being first, and being competitive.

Aries can be quite childish in their pursuit to have more than everyone else.

Aries is also very brave and courageous – they are the pioneer of the Zodiac, after all.

This sign is adventurous and wants to discover the unknown.

However, this can make them quite reckless and mischievous.

Aries is a natural leader and this desire to win and discover is inspiring to other signs.

Aries are great decision makers since they want to be moving forward at all times.

They are impatient and love having something to compete or fight for.

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Aries are NOT lazy people, in fact they find it difficult to sit around and enjoy a relaxing day.

They’re happy to take action alone if more timid or sensible signs aren’t prepared to join them, and this can make them seem arrogant or antisocial.

You’ll know exactly where you stand with an Aries, as they are brutally honest.

The sign can be bossy, giving their opinion when it was not asked for.

They find it difficult to compromise and be open minded when meeting view-points that don’t match their own.

Aries’ need to be first means that other people can be too slow for them, and they’ll often take control of a situation even if that isn’t wanted.

Is Aries a fire sign?

Aries is a fire sign, just like Sagittarius and Leo.

Fire signs are enthusiastic and confident.

They tend to be quite optimistic and can rally a crowd because they’re so inspiring.

There is a sense of urgency common to all fire signs– they all want to lead and be first.

These signs are very active, fiery, and idealistic.

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