Baker shares four-ingredient recipe for Oreo-stuffed Rolo truffles

Self-taught baker, 26, sets mouths watering with simple four ingredient recipe for Oreo-stuffed chocolate and caramel truffles

  • Amateur baker Eloise Head, 26, is the founder of Instagram recipe page FitWaffle
  • She posts videos of decadent desserts that take just a few minutes to prepare
  • One clip shows viewers how to make Oreo and Rolo truffles without an oven 
  • Ms Head uses four ingredients: chocolate, cream cheese and the iconic sweets
  • She says they taste ‘amazing’ and are ‘super easy to make’, regardless of skill

An ‘Instagram famous’ baker who built a following of 673,000 during COVID-19 lockdown has shared a simple recipe for Oreo-stuffed chocolate and caramel truffles – no oven required.

Eloise head, 26, is the founder of FitWaffle Kitchen, an Instagram page filled with videos of decadent desserts that can be prepared in just a few minutes.

The amateur chef, from London, recently posted a tutorial showing viewers how to make a batch of her specialty truffles using four basic ingredients.

To make seven truffles, Ms Head – who says they taste ‘amazing’ and are ‘super easy to make’, regardless of skill – uses 10 Oreos, 60 grams of cream cheese, 130 grams of milk chocolate and seven Rolos.

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London baker Eloise Head’s Oreo-stuffed chocolate and caramel truffles (left and right), which can be made with four basic ingredients: Oreos, cream cheese, milk chocolate and Rolos

To make the sweets, Ms Head crushes the biscuits in a food processor or by hand with a rolling pin, then mixes the crumbs into the softened cream cheese.

Taking a tablespoon of the biscuit and cheese mixture, she presses a Rolo into the middle, flattening the creamy biscuit out then wrapping it over the sweet into a truffle-shaped ball.

The truffles should be placed on a baking tray and chilled in the freezer for about 20 minutes until hard.

While they set, Ms Head melts chocolate in the microwave and dips the hardened truffles in the liquid, making sure to coat every inch.

Finally, she sprinkles leftover Oreo crumbs over the top and refrigerates to set.

A video showing the truffles being prepared has been liked 12,500 times since it was shared, with many calling the recipe a ‘game-changer’.

It’s the latest of Ms Head’s indulgent desserts to go viral online, following a recipe for s’mores pastry and a wildly popular method for making Mars and Malteser slices.

Ms Head says the truffles taste ‘amazing’ and are ‘super easy to make’, regardless of skill

A Rolo should be pressed into the centre of a tablespoon of the biscuits and cream cheese mixture (left), then rolled into a ball and dipped in melted chocolate (right)

In August, she told followers how to make the ‘chewy, crunchy, chocolaty’ slices using seven ingredients: 100 grams of unsalted butter, 120ml of condensed milk, 245 grams of plain biscuits, 400 grams of chocolate, one teaspoon of vegetable oil and Mars and Maltesers to decorate. 

‘No baking involved, just a lot of melting!’ she wrote in the caption.

To make the base, Ms Head melts the butter and condensed milk, then adds chopped Mars bar, crushed Maltesers and crushed biscuits.

After mixing well, she pats the mixture into the base of a baking dish and refrigerates for one to two hours until set. 

London baker Eloise Head’s Mars and Malteser slices, made without turning on an oven

Recipe for Mars and Malteser slices 


100g unsalted butter

120ml condensed milk

180g Mars Bars, chopped + 1 bar for topping

100g Maltesers, crushed + 16 for topping

245g plain biscuits, crushed

400g milk chocolate

1 tsp vegetable oil


1. Melt butter and condensed milk over a low heat.

2. Add chopped Mars bar, crushed Maltesers and crushed biscuits and mix until combined.

3. Pat the mixture into the base of a baking dish lined with paper. Refrigerate for one hour until set.

4. Melt chocolate with vegetable oil and pour over the hardened base.

5. Decorate with chunks of Mars and half-cut Malteser and refrigerate for another hour.

Source: FitWaffle Kitchen

Once hardened, she removes the dish from the fridge and melts chocolate mixed with vegetable oil to make it silky smooth, then pours the liquid over the base.

After giving the tray a shake to ensure the chocolate spreads to every corner, Ms Head decorates with chunks of Mars bar and half-cut Maltesers before refrigerating for another hour until set.

When her social media presence began to skyrocket at the start of the coronavirus crisis in March, Ms Head told Daily Mail Australia it made her ‘very proud to help people keep occupied’ during a time when strict social distancing laws forced billions to stay home around the world.

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