Baskin Robbins has hidden 31 in logo that says a lot about its ice cream

Ice-cream brand Baskin Robbins has a hidden number in its logo – and it is significant.

The popular American cake and ice-cream brand was founded back in 1945 when Irv Robbins opened up a parlour.

His brother-in-law Burt Baskin also opened up his own shop in 1946.

When the pair decided to partner together, the brand Baskin Robbins was born.

Having progressed into a global company from their grassroots in the small Californian shop – the ice-cream loving pair have come a long way.

So if you have a closer look at their logo you will be able to find a hidden message that hints back at the history of the company.

Disguised within the letter B and R hides the number 31 – but what significance does it have?

Well it turns out, back when the brand first started out they opted to make ‘31 flavours’, which soon became their slogan.

The ice-cream making duo aimed to make a different flavour a day – hence the number 31.

Originally, the first logo clearly featured the number 31 which sat above the name, Baskin Robbins.

But as the brand continued to grow, they have become more creative with their logo.

The initials B and R obviously stand for Baskin Robbins but part of the letters have been coloured pink instead of fully blue, which cleverly nods to the number 31.

The logo was changed when the sweet treat company had a rebrand in 2006.

Since the company first started out in 1945 they have now created over 1,000 different ice-cream flavours – now that would be tricky to fit into the logo…

Let us know in the comments if you noticed the number within the logo!

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