Best Thermal Socks For Men 2020 | The Sun UK

WHETHER you’re hiking Snowdonia or just kicking a football around the common in winter, you need a decent pair of socks to keep your feet warm – because if your feet are warm the rest of you will feel warm too.

We’ve rounded up the best thermal socks for men to keep your feet warm and comfortable in the cold.

While cotton and cotton-blend socks are great for summer, switching to either wool or heat-generating technical fabric socks in the winter can make a real difference to your overall warmth level.

But whatever thermal socks you go for, make sure they're made from a fabric that’s moisture-wicking.

Trapped moisture (read, sweat) around your feet cannot evaporate easily and can lead to stinky feet – and no one wants stinky feet.

Read on for a selection of thermal socks that will keep your feet warm, dry and cosy, all winter long…

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