Bride wants to cancel big day after string of disasters send her way over budget

A bride-to-be has been left wanting to call her wedding off after a string of disasters in the lead-up to the big day.

Stephanie Lowther, 30, says her dream wedding has turned into a nightmare with costs spiralling out of control after endless problems.

Now Stephanie is close to cancelling her wedding to fiance Lewis Barker-Platt, 29.

Speaking to Teesside Live: "It's been so distressing. I'm thinking 'what's the point? Is this a sign?' I've got no interest anymore."

The wedding nightmare all started when a rude supervisor at one Hartlepool venue told Stephanie her wedding plans were "s**t".

Stephanie was appalled by the staff member's behaviour and so demanded a refund and started a hunt for a new venue.

But the next venue then shut suddenly before Christmas and never reopened.

Finally, Stephanie found a third venue she was interested in and booked in for her big day.

But disaster struck again when they phoned back and said it had already been booked for a sporting event.

Stephanie said: "At this point, we were absolutely devastated. I was having a mini breakdown."

But they finally had a stroke of good luck when the local Billingham Golf Club offered to match the price of the other venue and even gave Stephanie some shifts behind the bar to make some extra cash for her big day.

But finding a venue wasn't the only problem.

The dresses for her bridesmaids didn't arrive for months after the shop was flooded.

It then went bust and she had to pay a huge bill to have them altered separately.

Now Stephanie and Lewis, who works as a primary school teacher, are hoping nothing else goes wrong in the lead up to the big day on July 27.

She said: "We just wanted a nice church wedding and a nice venue to celebrate afterwards, and it's now costing stupid amounts.

"We didn't want to spend a lot of money."

But the whole bother has cost the Hartlepool couple £7,500 so far, double the original budget, and caused lots of stress for the pair.

Stephanie said: "I'm just thinking what's the next thing that's going to go wrong?"

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