Brits swear by their morning routines to start their day off right

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And one in three (32 percent) hate oversleeping – as, if they don’t get around to all their morning rituals, respondents can end up feeling rushed (31 percent), frustrated (26 percent), and annoyed (23 percent).

Nearly half (43 percent) said having a routine helps the rest of their day go well, while 38 percent claim it helps them focus.

And a third (34 percent) of those polled, by Holiday Inn Express, part of IHG Hotels & Resorts, feel out of sync if they don’t get through their usual rituals.

Mary Earps, England and Manchester United goalkeeper, who is working with the hotel chain, said: “Coming through the ranks in women’s football, routines have been crucial to how I prepare for training and matches.

“To set me up for the day I get up, get dressed, and have a coffee, before I head to the training ground.

“When I get there, I’ll have my breakfast, which enables me to be energised for training and kick start my day brightly.

“We’re creatures of habit, and those little things we do each morning set ourselves up for success.”

It also emerged 22 percent of those polled admit to waking up no later than 6am so they can get all their morning rituals done before starting work, which take 53 minutes on average.

And a third (34 percent) believe they can accomplish more in the day if their morning routine is done right.

More than half (53 percent) also try and stick to their morning routine even if they’re away from home, like staying in a hotel or at a friend’s house.

Half of those who took part in the survey, via OnePoll, said breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and 56 percent believe it helps them start the day the right way.

However, 33 percent are guilty of enjoying a lie-in and a cheeky fry-up on a weekend.

It also emerged 36 percent believe their morning routine has changed over the last two years.

More than a third (36 percent) have introduced more self-care into their morning routine, and 35 percent try to prioritise “me time” in the mornings.

Mindful activities, like indulging in a skin care routine (20 percent), sitting down to meditate (14 percent), and saying positive affirmations in the mirror (12 percent), also made the list.

Stephanie Atiase, from Holiday Inn Express, part of IHG Hotels & Resorts, said: “How you start your morning can dictate how the rest of your day follows.

“Many now embrace a morning routine to maintain balance, setting themselves up for the day – whether it’s sightseeing, visiting family, or following their favourite sports team.

“However, when you are on holiday or away for work, maintaining routines can be a challenge.

“That’s why we offer our guests the essentials to help them stay on track for a productive day.

“From comfy beds to ensure a good night’s sleep, to a fresh cooked breakfast in the morning, our guests have everything they need to help them start the day the right way.”

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