Calling It Quits: 6 Most Shocking Celebrity Divorces

Not all divorces end on a good note, and some of our favorite celebrities prove this statement quite well.

6 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

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When Kanye met Kim for the first time, he knew who’d be his girlfriend. Nine years of steadiness and persistence borne fruits, and finally, Kim tweeted how proud she was to be his girlfriend. They got married in 2014, and now, they have four children. But life can be challenging, such as Kanye’s bipolar disorder, which significantly impacted his decisions. So, step by step, their relationship started deteriorating.

Kanye announced his presidential campaign, and at a rally in South Carolina, he’d shared too sensitive information that made Kim ‘furious’. Later on, he published several now-deleted tweets, which made Kim react by explaining his condition on Instagram. Eventually, they ended up vacationing in different places and decided to split up. “He deserves someone that can go support his every move and go follow him all over the place and move to Wyoming. I can’t do that,” said Kim to her sisters on one of the final series of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. So, finally, ‘Kimye’ officially ended their six-year marriage in February 2021.

5 Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

No one could ever imagine that the sexiest couple would fail to live a long and happy life together. But life is not perfect, and their divorce is a solid proof of that. Everything began from shocking news – Angelina and Brad started dating after working together on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Well, Brad Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston at that time. So, a new couple emerged – Brangelina. They’ve adopted three children, Shiloh from Namibia, Maddox from Cambodia, and Pax from Vietnam.

Eventually, they got three more children, Shiloh and twins Vivienne and Knox. The family of eight was living a happy life until Angie filed for divorce due to ‘irreconcilable differences’ in 2016. She was asking for physical custody of the six children and give visitation to Brad. According to TMZ, she became ‘fed up’ with Brad’s consumption of alcohol and weed and his anger problem, which she considered dangerous for the children. Yet, the allegations of child abuse haven’t been proved. So, since 2019, Brangelina are legally single.

4 Caitlyn Jenner & Kris Jenner

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Bruce Jenner, a gold medal winner at the 1976 Summer Olympics, and Kris Jenner, a successful business lady, and a reality TV star, called it quits after twenty-three years of marriage. They have two children together and four from their previous marriages. Thanks to the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the family became a multi-millionaire, which aired from 2007 till 2021. In 2015, Bruce had a two-hour interview with Diane Sawyer, and a couple of months later, Vanity Fair published an iconic cover of Caitlyn Jenner.

Later on, Bruce shared the tweet about becoming a transgender woman. During the interview with Diane, Caitlyn shared about her transitioning path that was going on for five years already. Well, Kris was not happy about that at first – it turned out she didn’t know about the changes. She was angry because of the published Vanity Fair intimate interview, but a couple of months later, she got over it. It was a challenging path for both, but they eventually finalized their divorce on friendly terms. Angelina also wants out of the wine business she started with her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

3 Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

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The couple was married for one year until Amber filed a divorce in 2016 for physical abuse. She claimed Johnny was abusive since their relationship started in 2011-2012. She got a restraining order against Depp, but in 2016 withdrew her request for it. But the drama continued when Amber wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post about her experience of being a victim of domestic abuse. Depp reacted to the article by suing Amber for $50 million for defamation against him. Later on, in June 2020, a new trial began, which ended in November the same year – the court ruled against Depp. He had lost the role of Grindewald from the Fantastic Beasts franchise and was denied the right to appeal twice.

2 Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

They met each other at movie sets in the early 2000s, which eventually lead to their relationship in 2004. Before they first met, Jennifer was married to actor Scott Foley, and Ben was engaged with Jennifer Lopez. Well, nothing is eternal, so in 2005 they got married and got three children. However, US Weekly reported that Ben was dating their nanny, a 28-years-old Christine Ouzounian, which allegedly led to a divorce between the couple. Yet, in the interview with Vanity Fair, Jennifer stated they were already separated before the incident with the nanny. In the interview with The New York Times, Ben confessed that he regrets the divorce with Jennifer and how his alcoholic addiction affected their relationships. So, in 2017, they officially filed a divorce, but today, they’re still in contact because of their children.

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1 Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore

The couple married two years after dating each other, even though there was a 16-year age difference. However, being six years in marriage, they separated in 2011 and divorced in 2013. There were several reasons for that. First, as Demi confessed to Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, was the infertility issue. The second was Ashton’s interest in threesomes, which eventually led to him cheating at a party in San Diego. In 2019 Demi published a memoir about her life and relationships with Ashton. For now, they don’t have any contact with each other. Sadly but relationships can end very badly, and celebrities are no exception in that. Mostly, break-ups are hurtful, but it is how it is.

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