Chloe Ferry gives fans a tour of her amazing Newcastle beauty salon on new YouTube channel

Chloe Ferry is known for her love of all things glam, and her new video inside her stunning salon proves just that.

The 24-year-old Geordie Shore star, who is currently sunning herself in Thailand, took her fans on a whirlwind tour of her salon, which is based in Newcastle, named CM House of Aesthetics, from eyelashes to lip plumpers.

Introducing the video, the star wrote as a description: “Hi Guys! Thanks for watching my first youtube video… This week I’m taking you on a tour of my beauty salon CM House of Aesthetics in Newcastle. Hope you love it!”

Here’s a peek inside.

Chloe introduced the video saying: "This is my first ever YouTube channel and welcome to me shop."

Showing the camera the reception area and some sweet treats, the Geordie Shore star explained: "As you can see we’ve got a lovely reindeer here and some lovely snacks. Doughnuts, I love doughnuts. Brownies, I love brownies." Next, Chloe points to some mince pies and says "corn beef," before a customer corrects the star.

Chloe introduces receptionist Jill to the camera, gushing: "This is Jill. She’s the mother of the salon and she does everything for the salon don’t you Jill? She wants a blue tick."

The camera pans over to a customer having her makeup done. Chloe says: "Look at that cut crease, you’re going to be pulling tonight,” whilst checking out the glam look the lady had gone for.

Chloe then numbs the lips of a customer waiting to get fillers.“This looks very, very wrong in many ways,” the star says as she applies numbing cream to the lady, who can’t help but laugh.

Chloe then takes the camera to the next station, introducing viewers to two more members of staff. The star explains: "This is where you come, you relax, you get your lashes done with both of our sexy girls, both single by the way," adding "this is Carolina she’s Polish and this is Kate she’s English."

Chloe points to a CM sign on the wall, telling viewers it stands for ‘cauliflower’ and ‘meat’ before whisking the camera off to the next room.

“This is where all the magic happens,” she says, then pointing to a group of people having a conversation behind her. Chloe adds: "As you can see they’re having a very important chat that I don’t have a clue about. That’s me accountants, I’ve known them five years and I still don’t know their names."

“New lips, who dis?” Chloe shouts as she goes into a room where a client is having their lips done.

Chloe is filmed holding the customers hand until the last of the procedure is over.

Chloe ends the video by pouring everyone a glass of prosecco saying “it’s Christmas after all,” before closing the door and asking viewers to subscribe to her channel.

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