Cleaning fan shows how to clean radiator properly – they get surprisingly filthy

A cleaning fanatic has shared how you should be 'properly' cleaning your radiator.

And social media star Sophie Louise, 29, said you'll be surprised how filthy it really is.

The pub landlady took to her @s_lou92 account on TikTok to share a video about how you should be cleaning your radiator.

And the video has gone viral, racking up 40,000 views.

Sophie says in the clip: "So I really wanted to show you guys how I clean my radiators.

"I've already done the ones upstairs so I thought it best to come down and do them in the pub to show you, plus they need doing anyway.

"Just get warm soapy water, put a bucket underneath and you just tip it down your radiator."

"It is as simple as that."

Continuing to address her 92,000 followers in the clip, she says, according to The Sun: "Obviously hard floor it doesn't matter if it splashes everywhere.

"Carpet just be extremely careful obviously.

"The amount of stuff thats in our radiators, we don't think to clean these like everyday but now it's done it'll be alright, its okay.

"All the grime that comes out of it, all hit my skirting board, but it's okay.

"Just give it a wipe up and then all I literally do is use the fabulous disinfectant spray over the front of the radiators

"Give it a clean and disinfect it, give it a good ol' scrub up."

Sophie continued with her cleaning tips, as she added: "This is gonna sound really weird, yes I use Lenor," which is normally used as a fabric softener.

"On a damp cloth, just a little bit and just wipe it over the front.

"It's a really good trick so when your radiator is on it literally smells amazing, it's just nice and fresh."

Sophie claims the heat activates the fragrance in the fabric conditioner and makes the pub smell amazing.

The cleaning fan said the entire should take only two minutes in total.

Many loved the Lenor tip in particular, but one person was keen to know if it made the radiator rust.

Sophie replied: "No hun, well mine never have and my mums always done it and told me this tip years ago."

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