Daily horoscope for October 1: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Thursday, October 1 horoscope is heavily influenced by the Full Moon in Aries. The beautiful lunar orb is considered by some capable of shining a spotlight on everything able to hurt you.

This can include what might make one feel extremely vulnerable.

Expect ghosts from the past to come and haunt you.

In addition, slights and attacks against which you cannot do much may also rear their ugly heads.

All this and much and more besides is being amplified by this Full Moon in Aries.

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This Aries Full Moon is also creating a Conjunction with Asteroid Chiron, also in Aries,

A Conjunction is understood as being an occasion when cosmic bodies travel towards one another in the zodiac.

This being National Poetry Day, it is perhaps apt to quote Rumi, who once famously said: “The wound is the place where the light gets in.”

Those in astrological circles consider this a helpful way for understanding how that rogue space rock Chiron is treating its role this Thursday.

The Moon hits full in Aries only a few degrees off of Chiron in Aries.

Chiron is usually thought of as a healer and educator.

A helpful way of discussing Chiron is thinking the asteroid as your coach today.

This is therefore an ideal opportunity to access your very own inner hero right now.

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Whatever issues you are facing at the moment, there is no time like the now to tackle it.

This is because you are armed with a formidable trio this Thursday.

Chiron is here, as is red planet Mars and the first of this month’s two Full Moons.

And what is more, all three bodies are sitting in courageous and brave Aries.

Whatever is bugging you at this time has now fully come to light.

This may likely hurt and enrage you, and it may even feel like the last straw.

The reality is you have simply put up with ‘less than’ for way too long.

But you should expect things to change as Mars is Retrograde in his own sign.

In addition, Earth’s nearest neighbour is the ruler of today’s extra-special Aries Full Moon.

And because Chiron is also there, you can bask in this combined wisdom.

Try your best to accept yourself and embrace your situation – warts and all.

The Sun is in balanced Libra after all which can only help with this situation.

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