Deadly effects of no sleep for 24 hours exposed with ’15-second’ drive snooze

Channel 5's new program called The Science of Sleep aired for the first time night, revealing the deadly consequences it may have on us.

After keeping a group of people awake for over 24 hours, presenter Gaby Roslin and Professor Jason Ellis tested the effects sleep deprivation has on drivers.

While sat behind a car simulator, the group were judged on their driving precision and how some fell victim to behind-the-wheel snoozes.

In the clip, Gaby said: "We're not only looking at the quality of driving but they're also being monitored by a special feature.

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"Used by long-distance lorry drivers this uses state of the art face-scanning technology that can register microsleeps – tiny episodes of sleep lasting just a few seconds."

When the drivers fall asleep, an alarm will sound.

One participant, Stephanie, quicky closed her eyes during the test.

Gaby said: "She closed her eyes and she skidded, she must have given herself a shock."

Stephanie closed her eyes for just a few moments, hearing a sharp alarm bell ring, before waking back up.

Gaby then turned to Jason to ask just how long people without sleep like Stephanie can sleep for behind the wheel.

"There's really no indicator behind how long micro sleeps last for but a good indicator is between five to 15 seconds," he responded, leaving Gaby stunned.

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