Diet Coke launches new LIME flavoured drink

DIET Coke drinkers can now quench their thirst with a new LIME flavoured edition of the iconic drink.

The new zero-calorie Sublime Lime flavour is available in Morrisons and Sainsbury's stores nationwide from today.

It’s described as having the same iconic taste as regular Diet Coke but with an added zesty twist of lime.

Shoppers will be able to pick up the new drink in single 300ml cans, an eight-pack of 300ml cans, plus 500ml, 1.25l and 2l bottles.

Morrisons is selling the pack of eight cans for £3.50, while they cost slightly more if you're shopping at Sainsbury's at £4 a pack.

Sainsbury's is stocking the larger 1.25l bottles for £1.50 and the 2l bottles for £2.05.

Neither website has the single cans or 300ml bottles listed, but Coca Cola tells us the RRP for both products are 73p and £1.37, respectively.

Shops are free to set their own prices though, so what you'll end up paying might vary.

We've asked Coca Cola if Diet Coke Sublime Lime is being sold in Tesco and Asda, as well as smaller local stores, and we'll update this article when we know more.

The new lime drink joins the Twisted Strawberry, Exotic Mango and Feisty Cherry flavours in Diet Coke's range.

This isn't the first time the UK has had a lime-flavoured Coca Cola drink though.

The drinks manufactured released a lime version of its regular full-fat version of Coca Cola as a limited edition product in the summer of 2006.

A lime Coca Cola has also previously been launched in the US, Denmark, Sweden and Singapore before being discontinued.

Amber Topalcik, senior brand manager for Diet Coke Great Britain, said: "We know how much Diet Coke fans love new flavours and we’re really excited to launch Diet Coke Sublime Lime.

"For those looking for something new and full of flavour, it perfectly pairs the refreshing taste of Diet Coke with an amazing zesty twist."

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