Doctor shares ‘proven’ skincare ingredient to ‘improve wrinkles and fine lines’

TikTok user reveals trick to removing under eye wrinkles

With ageing, oestrogen production slows down and skin cells produce less sebum (or oil), which is essential to keeping skin looking and feeling soft and supple. 

The surface skin cell renewal process also slows down a bit, resulting in a duller, less radiant complexion.

To fix this, a skincare regime needs to be put in place that includes beneficial ingredients that are “proven” to work.

Dr Dave Reilly, skincare scientist at Absolute Collagen told “There is lots of advice on how to best treat your skin to achieve a youthful look, with firm and toned skin, radiant and even skin complexion, and keeping the appearance of wrinkles and pigment blotches at bay. 

“But too much information can end up confusing the issue. We recommend keeping it simple so that, with ease and confidence, you can absolutely look your best.”

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The doctor has shared four simple steps for women over 40 to give their skin a more “firm and youthful glow”.

1. Keep using a broad-spectrum sunscreen

One of the biggest agers to skin is UV rays and an SPF is something that should be used every single day, not just when on holiday. 

It is the one piece of advice that 50 and 60-year-olds will say they wish they’d listened to.

Even as the UK heads into winter, the doctor explained that while UVB will be less of a problem, UVA levels can still be high and it is UVA that “does damage to collagen” in the deeper layers of the skin, leading to “loss of elasticity and wrinkles”.

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2. Use the right ingredients

It is recommended to look for ingredients “proven to improve skin firmness, glow, fine lines and wrinkles”. 

Dr Dave said: “We recommend peptides as they are proven to stimulate collagen production and build strength from the deeper skin layers.”

The GHK-Cu peptide is one of the most promising peptides for anti-ageing. This peptide boosts collagen production, reduces wrinkles, and improves skin elasticity. 

In addition, studies have shown that it helps to reduce inflammation, improve skin hydration, and speed up healing after tissue damage.

3. Find an eye cream that works for you

When it comes to mature skin, the eye area can add years to faces. The skin found here is far more delicate than anywhere else on the face, meaning it naturally ages faster. 

By the time we reach our forties, the expression lines, under eye bags from lack of sleep and skin hollowing due to a decrease in collagen becomes more evident, which can leave the eye area looking worn out.

The good news is that area of skin can be improved by adding an eye cream to your beauty routine.

4. Combine topical creams and serums with supplements

Topical creams and serums “work mostly on the surface” of the skin, whereas supplements “work deep” within the skin. 

The doctor claimed: “A combination approach is going to give you the best chance to achieve your skin goals for a firm toned skin and a youthful glow.”

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