Exasperated parents reveal the reasons behind their children’s tears

Mega meltdowns! Exasperated parents reveal the VERY bizarre reasons behind their children’s tantrums – including not being allowed to eat from the bin

  • Parents went online to share ridiculous reasons behind children’s meltdowns 
  • The flabbergasted mothers and fathers took to Bored Panda in their droves 
  • One little boy broke down because his mother wouldn’t let him eat the rubbish

Exasperated parents have taken to social media to share the most ridiculous reasons their children have thrown tantrums. 

In a hilarious new online gallery compiled by BoredPanda, long-suffering mothers and fathers from around the world revealed the cause behind their offsprings’ bizarre meltdowns.

One flabbergasted parent explained that her child was crying as she refused to let him eat out of the bin.

Another mother showed how tough her son thought his life was when he could not pick up the book he wanted as he was sitting on it.

Unusually one little lady was inconsolable when her parents bought her a unicorn cake for her birthday – despite it being what she asked for.

Temper tantrum: One little lady was inconsolable upon discovering that the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was red

Bottom lip wobble: This little guy put on the waterworks after being told her couldn’t eat the rubbish

Heartache: This tiny fellow couldn’t stop his tears when finding out he couldn’t board the bus that was on the TV screen 

Terrible twos? This little madam put up a fit when shopping with her parent after she was told she wouldn’t be bought a woman’s razor 

Awkward! One amused mother revealed her son had an attachment to one of her sanitary towels

It’s a hard life being a toddler! This youngster’s tears started as he struggled to lift up the book he was sitting on 

Oops! This little girl proved to be unforgiving with her meltdown after her parent handed her the wrong pink marker

Sometimes the concept of eating food can be baffling when you’re young and still learning  

Nature enthusiast? This youngster was inconsolable upon discovering the daffodils had disappeared for the season 

This youngster seemed to have a tantrum of epic proportions after her parent refused to let her inside the dishwasher 

This little guy was partial to having his nails a little long, so was distraught after his father cut them off

Hard to please? This little girl was upset after finding out what was for dinner – despite asking for ravioli in the first place

Not easily pleased: These parents shared the amusing story of their daughter crying after receiving the Birthday cake she asked for

Sad times: This little guy was annoyed when his parent banned him from pulling his high chair over

This youngster demanded his cycling backpack, only for his parent to tell him that it didn’t actually exist

Heartbreaking: This little guy appeared to be heartbroken after his mother refused his bizarre  request 

Not impressed: This little girl, clad in a Minnie Mouse costume, was disappointed after her mother stopped her from running into the road

One amused parent revealed that their little girl was upset as she wasn’t allowed to throw books at her mother or father’s face

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