Family leaves very British note on top of loo roll thats left people howling

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions.

From family quizzes to adorning their house in tinsel a plenty – many people like to leave their own magic touch.

Just like this one relative who has added a bit of festive cheer to the toilet with a decorative bog roll.

Yes, you read that right – a toilet roll specifically placed for decoration to add a bit of Xmas pizzazz to the bathroom.

But despite being hung up on the holder, this Christmas loo roll is out of bounds.

The toilet roll featuring a Xmas design is just for show and must not be used after attending your, well, toilet business.

In true British fashion, a post-it-note was placed upon the bog roll written with somewhat passive aggression and politeness all in one.

It has been dubbed an “exceedingly British Christmas note” by the original poster on Reddit.

Placed on top of the patterned loo roll is a post-it note with the following message: “This paper is intended as a nice Christmas touch. It is not for use as we want to save it for next year.

“Should you require toilet tissue please help yourself to that provided in the adjacent cupboard.”

Now that would make an interesting trip to the loo…

Puzzled by the point of the decorative paper and the very British post-it-note, people fled to the comments to mock the bog roll.

One person commented: “Decorative properties are somewhat diminished by the post-it note.”

Another user joked: “Sorry, couldn't find the cupboard. Had to use the note and one of the curtains.”

Whilst a third person chuckled: “This toilet paper is purely decorative.

“So much so that we've stuck a post-it note above it, ruining the decorative effect, explaining that it's decorative.”

Someone else expressed: “I thought the whole point of it was to wipe your arse with festive spirit.

"These guys want you to enjoy Christmas, but not too much enjoyment.

“Are the sweets just for looking at as well?”

And a fifth person added: “I hope the adjacent cupboard is within reach of the toilet.”

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