Family with missing pet pigs fears the worst after cryptic apology letter

The Root family was hopeful for the return of their beloved pet pigs — until they received a cryptic letter in their mailbox.

Swine siblings Marvin, 3, and Moses, 2, disappeared from their home in Michigan’s Lodi Township last week while a family member was unloading groceries, MLive reported Wednesday.

The distraught family knocked on neighbors’ doors and searched the area around their home until about midnight last Wednesday, but their beloved Juliana breed pigs appeared to have vanished without a trace, Angela Root, 50, told her local news outlet.

“None of our neighbors saw them — and we didn’t find any droppings anywhere,” she said.

The worried Roots posted photos of Moses and Marvin on Facebook, pleading with suspected kidnappers to “#dotherightthing.” Still, the family remained hopeful as local groups Michigan Lost Pet Lookers and Pawboost Alert joined in the community-wide search.

That’s when things took a dark turn.

At about noon Friday, a disturbing letter turned up in the Root’s mailbox — and it wasn’t a ransom note. The scrawled message read: “I am soso sorry about you pigs I saw were wild and did not know pets, forgive me.”

Fearing the note meant someone had murdered Marvin and Moses, the Root family called the police and notified the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Now, the grieving family simply seeks closure.

“We’ve accepted that they are probably dead — but we want to know what happened to them and hopefully get them back for burial or cremation,” Angela told MLive.

Alas, the apology note was unsigned with no return address, so it’s “unclear if the person who wrote it was apologizing for accidentally shooting the pigs or running them over,” Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Sgt. Eugene Rush told the outlet.

Rush said there are no leads and officers are not investigating Moses and Marvin’s disappearance as a crime.

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