Fitness fanatic shares horrifying changes after piling on 4st on purpose

Fitness fanatic Andrew Roberts piled on four stone so he could understand what it is like to be tubby.

The personal trainer stopped exercising and ate pizzas, pies, crisps and goodies for six months.

Before and after photos show his ripped physique and six-pack replaced by lockdown flab.

Andrew said: “When I started this journey I never expected to gain this much weight.

“It is shocking how different I looked six months ago.”

The 23-year-old used to exercise five times a week and stuck to 2,000 calories of healthy food a day.

On his new regime he scoffed more than 5,000 calories and barely moved.

He went from 11st 4lb to 15st 2lb at his heaviest. And his body fat went from 10% to 27.4%, making him obese.

Now Andrew plans to shed the pounds to show clients how to go from flab to fab.

He said: “It has been a roller-coaster of a journey, but I have already learned so much.”

Andrew, who lives with girlfriend Jess Carolan, 25, decided to gain the weight so he could understand how overweight people feel about themselves.

It did not just impact on how Andrew looked, it also affected his libido, gave him stretch marks on his thighs, made him snore, hurt his back and dragged down his mood and motivation.

It also caused a serious health scare as he was taken to A&E with pains in his heart, arm and leg.

The Manchester lad said: “I wasn’t a very fun person to be around when I was eating all that food – I was so exhausted all the time and had no motivation or anything like that.

“Mentally, I was exhausted all the time. The motivation was non-existent and my mindset shifted and became quite negative towards things.”

Andrew, a vegan, is now two weeks into a six-month effort to lose the weight. He will spend this month going back to a healthy diet and then return to the gym.

He said: “These next six months are going to be as hard as the last six, if not harder.”

You can follow his efforts on powered coach.

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