Friends fans shocked as Gunther actor looks completely unrecognisable during reunion

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On Thursday 27 May the Friends reunion aired, and it was the one we’ve all been waiting for!

A range of celebrity guests and former Friends stars joined the six lead actors, and included amongst them was iconic Gunther actor James Michael Tyler.

James, 59, was cast as an extra on the hit sitcom, but he ended up becoming a bigger role and we always saw him working in Central Perk behind the coffee machine.

While you might remember Gunther for his bright blonde locks and his undying love for Rachel Green, now the star rocks a different look completely.

He has ditched the trademark blonde locks and now rocks dark hair, a beard and glasses.

Popping up during the reunion, the 29 year old was called “totally unrecognisable” by Friends fans.

"This is Gunther???? from FRIENDS????” wrote one fan, while another added: “That is NOT gunther from friends."

A fourth added: "The One Where Gunther Reveals His Final Form."

James has lost touch with most of the Friends stars since filming ended, and he said he hadn’t spoken to Jennifer Aniston for 15 years.

“I haven’t seen Jennifer since the wrap party, honestly. It’s been 15 years since it ended,” he told the Daily Star.

He continued: “That was a time of our lives when we were lucky enough to be able to work together for 10 years and have that sort of chemistry.

“She lives in another city. I’m not going to go and hang outside her house and wait for her to come outside and say hello. That would be kind of weird.

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“It’s nothing personal. Actors move on. It’s been a long time. I’m married and other people are married. Things change.”

The Gunther actor is still acting, and made two short films since appearing on Friends.

He also made a cameo appearance in Matt LeBlanc's spin off, Joey, and popped up in Sabrina the Teenager Witch.

On the romance front, James has been married twice but admits that his second wife – Jennifer Carno – never watched Friends.

Speaking to in 2019, he said: "I’ve just started [watching] it again with my wife.

“She never really watched the show during it’s run and wasn’t familiar with it even when we started dating.

“She told her best friend she had started seeing this guy – we’re on the fourth date and her friend was like, ‘Wait the actor guy from Friends, Gunther?’ and she was like, ‘Oh yeah he’s an actor, he was on Friends but I didn’t watch it’.”

“So I guess that’s good, she didn’t marry into the Gunther fame!”

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