Fury as Walkers cuts two bags from multipacks but keeps price the SAME

WALKERS is facing a snacklash for putting fewer bags of crisps into its multipacks but not reducing the price.

Its variety pack has shrunk from 24 to 22 bags but still costs £3.50.

The older version contained six salt and vinegar packs, six cheese and onion, six ready salted and six prawn cocktail.

Missing from the 22-size bags are one salt and vinegar and one prawn cocktail.

However, other snack makers are also being skimpy, a Sun investigation has found.

Multipacks of Smiths’ Frazzles and Chipsticks have shrunk from eight to six but remain about £1. And packs of KP’s Space Raiders have also gone from eight to six while keeping their £1 price.

KP has made each bag 1.2g heavier, but the total multipack is more than 16g down. And £1 Roysters T-bone steak-flavoured bubble chips now come in packs of five rather than six.

Experts warned families to watch out for the sneaky and widespread shrinkflation.

MoneySavingExpert’s Oli Townsend said: “When products get smaller but prices stay the same, shoppers rightly feel short-changed.

“If your favourite brand has got smaller but the price hasn’t, consider ‘downshifting’ by dropping one brand level from your usual choice — if you can’t tell the difference, stick with the cheaper one.”

Walkers, Smiths and KP Snacks did not comment.

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