Grandma gets angel tattooed on her bum to celebrate her sex life

Mandy Jones is having the best sex of her life – and she’s got a new tattoo to celebrate it.

Mandy, 59, says her sex life is better in her 50s than it’s ever been after meeting HGV driver Andrew Clayden, 52.

Since they started dating after meeting online in 2007, the pair have christened every room in her house in Runcorn, Cheshire – including the greenhouse.

The retired social worker and mum-of-three had almost given up on love after getting divorced twice, once in 1992 and once in 2006.

She decided to give dating sites a go and went on a bunch of meetups before meeting Andrew, which helped her to discover her ‘naughty’ side.

To celebrate her sex drive, Mandy has had a naughty angel tattoed on her bum cheek.

‘Since the age of 50, I have finally become a sexual woman,’ says Mandy.

‘When Andrew and I met he said he wanted me to have the most and the best sex I’d ever had in my life.

‘Now, I’m doing things I never would have done before.

‘In my first marriages, I had stepchildren so it was all about putting them first.

‘But there are no boundaries now so it’s more exciting – if we want to walk around the house in the nude we will.

‘I feel free and relaxed and when you’re post-menopausal, anything goes.

‘He promoted that naughty side in me. I wouldn’t have got a tattoo without him.

‘I always wanted a tattoo but I didn’t know what and he suggested a slutty angel because I’m mumsy and caring but he’s brought out another side of me.’

Mandy first married at the age of 26 but the marriage broke down five years later, before her second husband left her without warning in 2006.
She spent one year exploring online dating before meeting Andrew the following year.

The mum-of-three said: ‘When I started online dating, I’d never even heard of sexting and I’ve never had anyone asking for photos of my bits before. It was a different world.

‘I couldn’t believe the attention I was getting but I definitely enjoyed it. It gave me a massive confidence boost.

‘One man asked for a pic of my tits so I sent him a photo of my knees, but he obviously wasn’t a joker.

‘I had some horror story dates too though.

‘One man sent me a photo of himself from a distance and when he turned up he was so smelly so I went to the toilet and made my daughter call me with an emergency.

‘My kids applaud me because I don’t take any crap anymore – I’ve become feisty.

‘My ex-husbands should have been grateful I was on their arm. I wouldn’t put up with their behaviour now.’

Mandy is sharing her story to encourage other women over 50 to experiment with their love lives and have more fun.

She hopes to inspire people to have confidence in themselves at any age.

‘I have body confidence for the first time ever,’ she says. ‘I’m carrying more weight than usual but I’ve accepted that’s just me.’

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