Half a month’s rain falls in 24 hours of torrential downpours with more to come

Half a month's rain has fallen over 24 hours across the UK in a weekend washout – but there's more still to come.

Forecasters said parts of the north west saw 50mm of rain in a 24 hour period as 52.2mm was recorded between 11am on Saturday and 11am on Sunday at Greenfield near Oldham.

Meteorologist Helen Roberts told Metro : "This is a lot of rain to fall in the space of 24 hours, especially given the rain has been very consistent and there have been heavy bursts within it."

Dramatic photos from around the country show streets bathed in floodwater and cars almost fully submerged.

Many have had to abandon vehicles and wade through the knee-deep water as the extreme weather causes travel chaos.

The M60 and A555 were closed because of flooding or accidents caused by heavy rain.

This morning there are 23 flood warnings , meaning flooding is expected, and 16 flood alerts, indicating likely flooding, in force across England.

The wet weather comes amid a downturn in temperatures, with things feeling a lot cooler than last week's record-breaking 38C heat.

Thunderstorms will continue to batter Britain as torrential downpours look likely to cause further flooding tomorrow, putting lives at risk. 

Five days of thundery showers are expected in the UK this week, with temperatures averaging around the high teens and low 20s. 

Urgent flood warnings have been issued amid fears of flooding in the north – with locals warned to take "immediate action".

In a statement the Environment Agency said: "Due to persistent heavy rainfall, river levels are rising and flooding is possible.

"Rainfall is likely to continue throughout the evening and into tomorrow.

"We are closely monitoring the situation.

"Please be aware of your surroundings and keep up to date with the current situation."

Several flood warnings remain in place across Greater Manchester this morning after persistent heavy rain over the weekend.

The River Mersey remains at risk of immediate flooding in two patches; West Didsbury and Northenden, and Cheadle Wood and Ford Lane, both in the south of the region.

Other flood alerts are in place in Oldham, Bolton, Rochdale and Ramsbottom due to the River Irwell.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain are forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Flooding caused by persistent heavy rain has also led to major travel disruption across the region.

Met Office meteorologist Craig Snell said: "This week coming up is going to be more changeable than what we just had, with no major hot spells coming up. It is a very different flavour than last week.

"Monday will be the driest day. It will [start] off not too badly for many in England and Wales, with a good amount of sun and dry weather.

"From Tuesday onwards the rain will set in. From Tuesday to Thursday it will be a mix of sunshine and showers. Some will be heavy and thundery."

Rainfall is expected across north England and Scotland today, with some showers and potential thunderstorms in the south-west this evening.

It will be generally sunny in south, south-east, south-west and central England, with similar conditions in Wales.

A Met Office thunderstorm warning will be in force across Wales and south-west England tomorrow.

Forecasters are warning that the downpours could result in flooding, with fast flowing flood water potentially causing a danger to life.

The Met Office weather warning states: "There is a small chance of fast flowing or deep floodwater causing danger to life.

"Thunderstorms and outbreaks of heavy rain will arrive across the far southwest early on Tuesday, then spreading further northeast across England and Wales and increasing in frequency during the day.

"In a few places there is the potential for 30mm of rain to fall in an hour or two and 40 mm to fall in 3 hours. Many parts of the warning area will miss the heaviest rainfall."

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