Hannah Brown Stuns In A Sexy Red Dress While Surprising Peter Weber On Night 1 Of ‘The Bachelor’

Well, look who it is! Peter Weber was absolutely shocked when Hannah Brown stepped out of the limo on his first night of ‘The Bachelor.’ She showed up with a special gift for her ex.

Hannah Brown broke Peter Weber’s heart on season 15 of The Bachelorette. The two were able to hash things out and get to an amicable place on After the Final Rose in July, but it looks like their story isn’t fully over! During the premiere of Peter’s season of The Bachelor on Jan. 6, Hannah showed up in the final limo of the night. She couldn’t stop nervously giggling as she approached Peter, and there was a look of absolute shock on his face when he saw who was stepping out of the limo. Hannah looked beautiful in a red gown with keyhole cutout, and her hair styled in loose waves.

After seeing previews for season 24, many fans were hoping that Hannah’s appearance meant that she was joining the cast to try and find love with Peter once again. However, it turns out that she was just there as a friend. “I’m nervous,” she admitted, while taking Peter’s hands. “When I heard you were going to be the Bachelor, I had mixed emotions.” She then reminisced on the first time she met Peter at the Bachelor mansion — he gave her a pair of pilot’s wings and told her that he wanted to “find [his] co-pilot.”

Hannah told Peter that she still wants him to “find that person,” and she brought back the wings that Peter gave her months earlier. “That means a lot,” Peter told her. “Thank you.” Before they parted ways, Hannah told her ex, “You’re going to be great. I’m really happy for you.” And that’s that!

Peter was eliminated after the final three fantasy suites on Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette. The two famously had sex four times in a windmill on their overnight date, and many of the women on Peter’s season joked about this fun fact when they met Peter for the first time on The Bachelor. 

Hannah wound up choosing Jed Wyatt during her season’s finale, and they got engaged. However, it was short-lived — they split just weeks later when Hannah found out that Jed had another girlfriend when he went on the show. So, when she showed up to surprise Peter, she was totally single. Unfortunately, he was already dating 30 other women at that point! The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

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