HARDCASTLE: How Princess Beatrice was sent to buy food for Cameron

EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: How Princess Beatrice was sent to buy food for a hungry David Cameron

When still in the political wilderness, David Cameron turned up for a board meeting of US software company Afiniti at Millbank. Disgruntled at the absence of sandwiches and buns for the directors’ refreshment, he complained. 

A message was conveyed to a young female employee to pop out and buy some fodder for the famished ex-PM. Who was the angel of mercy? Step forward Princess Beatrice, now ninth in succession to the throne.

David Cameron, while he was out of office, complained about the lack of refreshments at a board meeting of a US software firm

Princess Beatrice, now ninth in succession to the throne, was dispatched to get David Cameron his refreshments

Bishop of Hereford Richard Jackson, who attended Camilla during the Coronation, has been rewarded by Charles. He is to be the King’s Clerk of the Closet. But Richard’s new royal salary won’t pay for a top-of-the-range crozier or a hand-painted mitre. He’ll be on £7 per annum.

New episodes of The Crown prompt ex-royal butler Paul Burrell to allege to ITV’s Lorraine how he was ordered by Diana — romancing Dodi Fayed at the time — to gauge the reaction of her lover, heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. 

‘So I’d go and have a drink with Hasnat and report back to the Princess,’ he claims. ‘I’d say, ‘He’s furious with you. There you are, displaying yourself with another Muslim man… he’s not happy with you’.’

Isn’t it past time that Burrell was gently muzzled and prevented from further bigging himself up at the expense of the late Princess of Wales?

Reformed hell-raiser Tracey Emin, pictured, who frequently slaked her camel’s thirst at Soho’s louche Colony Room Club, was expected at Wednesday’s reopening in Heddon Street. Alas she failed to show. 

Tracey Emin was expected at the reopening of the Colony Room Club, but didn’t show

Was she having a quiet night in with her cats? ‘Tracey was supposed to come but she got her dates wrong,’ whispers TV agent Amanda McAllister. ‘She turned up three days ago.’

When Jeremy Corbyn and Len McCluskey announced their Poetry For The Many anthology in the summer, contributor Russell Brand was given top billing on the front cover. Brand, now facing allegations of sexual misconduct, doesn’t feature in the finished tome.  

Jeremy Corbyn and Len McCluskey’s ‘Poetry for the Many’ is dedicated to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

But did troubadours Jezza and Len drop Brand for that reason? The book is dedicated to Julian Assange, who spent years sheltering in London’s Ecuadorian embassy to avoid sex allegations.

Lord Northcliffe’s biographer Andrew Roberts, making his maiden speech in the Lords, discloses that he was expelled from two schools, for drinking and climbing buildings, adding: ‘My wife said all I have ever really done in life is to drink and social climb.’

President Yoon Suk Yeol of South Korea, who arrives on his state visit on Monday, won’t miss the late Duke of Edinburgh. 

President Yoon Suk Yeol and his wife Kim Keon Hee will arrive in Britain for a state visit on Monday

After Philip and the Queen had formally welcomed his predecessor Park Geun-hye on her 2013 visit, the corgis made an unscheduled appearance, prompting Philip to bark at a flunkey: ‘Lock the damn things up. This b****y lot will think they’re some light snacks we’ve laid on.’ Surely a great loss to the diplomatic corps!

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