Harry Potter star looks unrecognisable without her trademark blonde hair from the movie series

It's been 12 years since the final Harry Potter movie hit the cinemas, but we still feel like the characters are part of our family. Plus, it helps that all eight films have been showing on TV these past few weeks, so our memories have been officially refreshed.

Because we're so used to seeing Harry Potter & co with their on-screen looks, we had quite a surprise when one character popped up on Instagram looking very different to how she did in the films.

Luna Lovegood, played by actress Evanna Lynch, is known for her flowing and slightly wild blonde hair, however, she's just decided to switch to the dark side with a brunette hair transformation that gives her an entirely different look.

"Big mood shift lately," she captions the reveal post of the makeover. "Here is my new look! I do feel blonde suits me better but lately in all my dreams I was consistently sporting these glamorous shiny raven locks for some reason. I felt I was being stalked by my dark and shadowy twin so I had to become her! I so want to cut it to a bob again but will wait for further dream guidance…"

Evanna goes on to add: "Colour by my talented friend @hairbyrbyrne using @natulique_uk," by way of thanks to the talented hair colourist.

Harry Potter fans have been left floored by her new look, with many taking to the comment section to say she looks like a completely different person with brunette hair.

"R.I.P Luna," says one, while a second writes: "Well that's a change!"

A third says: "Oh it's BEAUTIFUL, maybe also some bangs, like a French bob? Can't wait to see more of your transformation," with a fourth adding: "You have to go dark at least once! It makes your eyes POP".

If you don't know much about Evanna's career, the Irish-born actor got the role of Luna back in 2007 for the fifth film of the Harry Potter series and soon became a fan favourite among fans all over the world.

Throughout her stint in the films, which lasted right up until the bitter end of the story, she gave fans a lot of laughs for her eccentric behaviour and niche knowledge of magical things.

Since the end of the series, Evanna has moved on to act in some other films and has even gotten into activism where she promotes healthy body images.

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