Heres How Much The Cast Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Makes Per Episode

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most talked-about television shows, and the sitcom is a perfect blend of comedy with heartfelt moments.

Dan Goor and Michael Schur are the creators and executives for several shows such as The Office, Parks And Recreation, and The Good Place. In 2013, the first season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine aired on NBC. The world met Brooklyn’s frivolous 99th precinct under their new Commanding Officer, Captain Raymond Holt. In a true Nine-Nine fashion, the show has been on the air for the last eight years and is ready to close the curtains with its final eighth season on September 9.

The reason behind the show’s success has always been the eccentric characters and how they relate to the viewers beyond television. Every character has a unique style that makes everyone laugh as they solve crime in New York City. The cast has received a lot of love worldwide, and the producers make sure that they are paid well to continue working with the show makers. Here’s a look at how much the cast members of Brooklyn Nine-Nine make per episode.

9 Andy Samberg – Jake Peralta

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SNL alumni Andy Samberg is the new sensation of comedy that drives the show forward. He portrays the lead character Detective Jake Peralta, a quirky and slightly immature detective who eventually grows as the show progresses. Samberg is the highest-paid cast member and makes $125,000 per episode. He is also a Producer on the show, and with several movies under his belt, he has a net worth of $20 million.

8 Andre Braugher – Raymond Holt

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After working in several cop shows, Andre Braugher led the detective squad as Captain Raymond Holt in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Captain Holt is hardworking, stoic, and committed to his job. Braugher’s character as the first gay black police captain has become a powerful symbol, and he made $100,000 per episode on the show. Braugher’s total net worth is an estimated $8 million.

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7 Melissa Fumero – Amy Santiago

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Melissa Fumero became a popular name after she bagged the role of Amy Santiago on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She started as a police detective who eventually became a Sergeant. A stickler attitude with an obsession for organization, Amy was an unlikely but perfect match for Jake Peralta, who married her on the show. A much-beloved actor, her salary on the show is undisclosed. However, Fumero has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

6 Joe Lo Truglio – Charles Boyle

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Jake’s best friend, a gifted chef, food blogger, and police detective, Joe Lo Truglio’s Charles Boyle, is perhaps the most underrated and enjoyable character on the show. His friendship with Jake while he juggles his personal life is intriguing and hilarious to watch. His salary on the show is upwards of $80,000 per episode, and Truglio has worked on several movies and TV shows, with which he has amassed a net worth of $5 million.

5 Stephanie Beatriz – Rosa Diaz

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Stephanie Beatriz’s Rosa Diaz was a police detective on the show. Still, she retired from the force in the last season and became a private investigator to help victims of police brutality. As a scary and intense detective, she went through significant transitions on the show. While her salary remains undisclosed, Beatriz has gathered a net worth of $2 million from her roles in several projects. Recently, she donated $100,000 to the National Bail Fund Network against police brutality.

4 Terry Crews – Terry Jeffords

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Terry Crews’ character is of the family-loving, yogurt-loving, and exercise-loving Terry Jeffords, who everyone adores. Jeffords was a Sergeant but became a Lieutenant in the sixth season. Crews are one of the most popular cast members on the show, as his portfolio includes big movies and TV shows. Crews has a net worth of $25 million. His salary on the show is estimated to be upwards of $80,000 per episode.

3 Chelsea Peretti – Gina Linetti

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Chelsea Peretti’s Gina Linetti is the most iconic character on the show. Her quick wit and daring personality made her an instant hit. While Peretti left the show midway through season six to concentrate on other projects, she appeared in an episode in the seventh season. Peretti has a net worth of $3 million, and while her salary remains undisclosed, it is estimated to be on par with Andre Braugher.

2 Dirk Blocker – Michael Hitchcock

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Michael Hitchcock, portrayed by Dirk Blocker, is a lazy police detective who retires during the show’s eighth season. He was counted as a recurring cast member during the first six seasons but became a regular after Peretti left the show. As he has worked on several shows, Blocker has a net worth of $3 million.

1 Joel McKinnon Miller – Norm Scully

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Apart from being another lazy detective, Joel McKinnon Miller’s Norm Scully is best known for his long-lasting friendship with Hitchcock. Miller was also promoted to the main cast after Peretti left the show during the sixth season. Carrying a net worth of $3 million, his salary is reportedly a little less than $80,000 per episode.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will bid farewell to the viewers with its final season in September 2021. While the show nears its departure from the air, fans are prepared to say farewell to the sitcom. From Jake Peralta’s lovable charm to Captain Holt’s unshakable code of honor, every show’s character will be equally missed. The first seven seasons of the show can be streamed online on Netflix and Hulu.

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