Hooters girl has wardrobe mishap in tights that make her look stuck in 90s

A Hooters worker was baffled when she was given her uniform in a colour that "didn't match her skin colour".

Samantha posted a video to show a pair of tights she has to wear while working at the popular American-style diner.

"Why does Hooters make us wear tights that are not our skin colour?" she said in the clip.

The packaging label describes the colour of the leggings as "suntan" – and it looks at least a few shades darker than her skin tone.

She puts the stockings on and stands in front of a mirror, where it becomes obvious that her legs look much darker than her arms.

Some viewers joked they almost mistook the tights as a brownie because of the dark colour shade.

"It's an old 1980s thing I think," a viewer guessed.

And a second added: "They are probably stuck in the 90s."

But another said: "The theme is suntan girl working at a sports bar. There's a documentary video about it."

Some Hooters waitresses also commented that they were not given any other colours but just a "suntan" colour.

"Mind you not, the tights are super cheap material and you have to buy them yourself. $5 a pair," one said.

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This came after another Hooters staff accused the company of "Photoshopping" her belly button piercing in their advertisement picture.

Sandra said she's allowed to wear the navel piercing while working but she realised the piercing was removed when she checked on the restaurant's social media page.

The restaurant has recently changed their uniform and ditched their usual short shorts to a knickers-style shorts.

One staff complained that it's so short that it even gave her wedgie.

Also this waitress explained the secret codes of their uniforms and exposed what the colour code actually means to the diners.

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